British strikes have killed 1,000 Islamic State fighters in Syria and Iraq since bombing began with zero civilian casualties.


  1. I think it’s bit of exaggeration when they say no civilian I mean I agree they are great at precision strike but does that means they have preprogrammed even bomb splinters to differentiate between isis and civilians???
    Secondly who will verify the claim there’s no way to go into that area and verify the claims

  2. All this does is give the general public an unrealistic expectation that there will never be any civilian or friendly casualties. Collateral damage should be minimised but it cannot be avoided altogether. Great that we’ve been able to do it. But it shouldn’t be considered as the norm.

  3. Because we are not targeting built up areas we are hitting oil fields and Isis protected projects but wouldn’t put it passed Isis to use civilians as Shields so I think in the long run it will come out that some civilians have died sadly but war is hell fact!


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