Royal Air Force Typhoons from 6 Squadron have flown alongside their counterparts from the German Air Force over Eastern Europe.

They were supported by a RAF Voyager flown by 101 Squadron from RAF Brize Norton, which provided the air to air refuelling capability throughout the flight.

The German Typhoons flown by Jagdgeshgwader 71 ‘Richthofen’, flew from Amari Air Base, Estonia where they are currently based on the NATO Baltic Air Policing mission.


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Have the Typhoons sorted the APU exhaust issue as I haven’t seen the smoke marks on their fuselage for some time?

Captain P Wash

Think they are Battery powered now….

John Clark

I always thought they had the option of either start system?

David Barry

@Captain P Wash, that is not true they now use scramjet technology burning pure oxygen which gives them a low carbon footprint and obviates the need for the Voyager tanker – which the Germans needed; obviously, fuel costs have dropped considerably in the RAF and the Navy are thinking of replacing their SSN and SSBN nucs with the same system! You heard it here first, ssshhh! The walls have ears!

Captain P Wash

lol……… I like your Humour, It’s very refreshing !

David Barry

Well Captain P
Stranger things have ‘appened at sea.


Lots of German Typhoons don’t seem to be fitted with the PIRATE IRST system. Anyone know why some are and some are not?


I know it’s nothing to do with this thread but I’ve just read that defense aerospace is closing is site, sad news really enjoyed the daily press releases