HMS Bulwark, deployed as part of the Joint Expeditionary Force Task Group, has docked in Haifa, Israel.

The assault ship conducted joint exercises with the Israeli navy before docking in Haifa.

According to a Royal Navy statement, Bulwark’s docking in Haifa “demonstrates the growing relationship between the Royal Navy and the Israeli Navy and the desire to continue to develop that interaction.”

Israeli Defence Minister Avigdor Liberman said:

“This visit is a sign of the deep cooperation between the UK and Israel. We enjoy very good cooperation on many levels, including intelligence, and now of course, between our navies. I think that especially today, with what is happening around us in the Middle East, this is a very important visit.”

Capt. James Parkin said:

“We’ve operated with several Israel Navy ships, practising communications and manoeuvring.

It is a tremendous honour to bring the Royal Navy’s amphibious flagship into Haifa, and I particularly enjoyed exercising with the Israeli Navy at sea beforehand, as well as discussing matters of mutual interest.”

British Ambassador to Israel David Quarrey said:

“I am delighted that HMS Bulwark has been able to call in at Israel during their current deployment. As part of a strengthening defence relationship with Israel, this visit is evidence of the UK’s strong commitment to security in the region.”


  1. Personally I’m not unhappy with such efforts. I know that many worry about insulting or alienating Arab allies but personally I don’t believe that in modern times, with all of the troubling threats both at home and abroad, it is a bad idea to pursue defence relations with such a stable and politically aligned country in the Middle East. If some Arab countries are offended then I can’t help but feel as though they are rather too sensitive and that maybe they should focus on more prominent issues for the good of their respective countries.

  2. Growing Co-operation with Israel! – I think not! Especially after their theft of British Nationals ID to facilitate one of their murderous special covert operations. the whole legal status of that country is Dubious to say the least


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