A state-run Chinese newspaper has suggested China to take military action against Australian warships over the South China Sea dispute.

The Global Times editorial piece, entitled ‘Paper cat Australia will learn its lesson’, describes Australia as a “an offshore prison of the UK and then became its colony, a source of raw materials, overseas market and land of investment.”

The piece goes on to say:

“China must take revenge and let it know it’s wrong. Australia’s power means nothing compared to the security of China. If Australia steps into the South China Sea waters, it will be an ideal target for China to warn and strike.”

The Royal Australian Navy fleet is made up of 47 commissioned warships as of January 2016.

The main strength is the eleven frigates of the surface combatant force: eight Anzac class and three Adelaide class. Six Collins class boats make up the submarine service, although due to the maintenance cycle not all submarines are active at any time.

Amphibious warfare assets include two Canberra-class landing helicopter dock ships and the landing ship HMAS Choules. Thirteen Armidale class patrol boats perform coastal and economic exclusion zone patrols, and four Huon class vessels are used for minehunting and clearance (another two are commissioned but in reserve since October 2011). Replenishment at sea is provided by two ships, Sirius and Success, while the two Leeuwin class and four Paluma class vessels perform survey and charting duties.

There are approximately 496 ships active in the People’s Liberation Army Navy, this figure does not include the 232 various auxiliary vessels of the PLAN.

A summary of ship types in service with the PLAN include an aircraft carrier, amphibious transport docks, landing ship tanks, landing ship medium, destroyers, frigates, corvettes, missile boats, submarine chasers, gunboats, mine countermeasures vessels, replenishment oilers and various auxiliaries. In addition, there are also nuclear and conventional submarines presently in service.

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David Anthony Simpson

Just as Chinese state media promotes all sorts of anti-Japanese activities.

Barrie Huxtable

Better not let them have control of our nuclear reactors I’m thinking!

John England

If they cause trouble we just stop paying them πŸ˜‰ free power for all πŸ™‚

Tom Waywell

Then the trojan bugs get activated, yaaayyy.

Jack Morgan

The Chinese are not building them. The French are.

Even worse! πŸ™‚

Josh Bailey

Debbie Bertone

Sudhanshu Khajuria

there is a strategic maritime relationship between USA -INDIA-JAPAN-AUS only to tackle these hakka noodles. They cant do anything.

Gerry Levina

Just Try it you TRAITOR….recently Chinese-America Electronics Tech just admitted stealing top secret material and bring it to the mainland China the paper said. If you attack Australian warship maybe they can also defend & strike back.

Graham Burn

Dave Potts

Esoj Nywdelc Tuboc

Just take a shot junks

Ian Milne

Never trust the Chinese

Steven K

China doesn’t need to use military force as it could repossess half the world including the US



Jason Bartlett

Very dum on the Chinese part, attacking an Australian warship would get a response from America the uk and other regional powers.

And with the Commonwealth of Nations

Helmy Zaharin

FPDA will active.

Max Baker

Australia have more ships than us lol

UK Defence Journal

However they do not have a greater capability. I will point out that no, they don’t have more vessels than the UK.

Max Baker

47 ships in fully working order

We have 6 45s that can’t operate in warm water and the rest are type 22s that are basically rusting…


Actually, the type 22’s were decommissioned a few years back. The UK’s entire frisbee force are now type 23’s


Frigate* lol

Max Baker

I think we need to be realistic at the state of our many and stop pretending we could ever support our commonwealth nations or nato against the likes of Russia and China

Max Baker

This is when we had a navy …not anymore

Max Baker

Wrong pic that’s the gaf spee in colour lol

Max Baker
Leigh Terry

No type 22s in our navy mate!

Max Baker

Not even the batch 3s ?????

Ian Murray

What on earth are you on about?!

Jason Bartlett

No 22s for sometime now, 23s yes and there are far from rusting.

Max Baker

I didn’t realise the 22s had all been retired … the navy is in a bigger mess than I thought !!

Max Baker

Thanks Jason Bartlett I appreciate that some people don’t make people feel stupid because they’re simply mistaken..what kind of stroppy group is this when if you make a negative comments you’re told you’re an idiot when in reality the rn really isn’t in a good position ..other seems the only comments you’re aloud to make is how wonderfully the royal navy is… well big shock… the royal navy does not rule the waves

Chris Atkinson

Your forgetting the submarines max! What will always keep other nations on the back foot is one sub carrying nuclear weapons is deployed at all times! No country wants all out war especially ones with nuclear weapons!

Patrick Mooney

No they don’t.

Max Baker

So if 1 t45 gets sunk because it can’t defend itself properly … Britain will use a nuke on that nation

Ian Ic Cordell

that would be a real bad move could well incite world war ap western powers would side with the aussies

Dean Alan Jones

Ok, reading these comments, which I accept is personal opinion, are at the very best contrite and ignorant. The Royal Navy is and always will be at the cutting edge of military hardware. We don’t need the number of ships as we did in the 40s/50s, we have modern weapons and delivery systems. The training is second to none. The future capability is successor, type 26, QEC. The Royal Navy does indeed rule the waves!

What? Have you posted this on the right thread?

This is about the RAN ( Royal Australian Navy ) not the Royal Navy

Dean Alan Jones

This was in response to those that accuse the Royal Navy of not being up to much.

Steven Pirrie

Those Chinese aren’t half wise coming off with half the rubbish they do. Never listen to half of it they are all talk.

Teresa may needs to point out that we are linked to Australia and their head of state is our queen so any actual attack on them would be an attack on us and and economic future endeavours like nuclear power plants would have to be scrapped and they would lose billions because trust me it’s all about the money in some form ,the Chinese are all month and just want to act like big boys in the world but they are nothing in military terms they don’t want to fight anyone with their sub standard copy military equipment.

Robert Ley

Instead of getting in bed with the Chinese we should be standing by our Australian cousins.

Matthew Haste

The Aussie’s won’t back down either

Nicci Willis

Such big news – I haven’t anything about it and I live in Australia. Having said that I love this country and Australians would NEVER back away from a fight if they had to go in to battle. Never have, never would.

Melvin Loh

Australia’s defence forces,including the RAN,need to be onguard at all times,they should ditch any blase ‘she’ll be right’ attitude in dealing with any potential Chinese threats

Graham Mann

We will stand by the Aussies for sure?

Kevin Chapman

China seems to forget if they attack and sink a RAN ship , big brother has there back U S N .

Glenda Davis

We have not heard about this in oz,Lol

Jason Holmes

China will get fkd up if they try nonsense like this, it is more likely tabloids voicing off, I seriously doubt this has any reflection on policy.

Christopher Pyle

need to buy some tridents teach the the bloody mongrels a lesson

David Anthony Simpson

Always good to read such erudite discussion πŸ™‚

Rj Bulatao

They cant promote attacking on japs and the US. Meaning, they are under estimating ausies

Miles Flores

As usual..chinese bad mouth!
They cant even attack a rusty stranded ship and here they are promoting an attack to aussies naval ship?dios mio.

Try it, lets see what happens next.

Darren Wylie

China would get demolished if they even tried. British military will be at hand

Jeremy Stockdale

USA and UK would always back Australia

Mike Quirke

Communist china is a cockroach waiting to be squashed, they belong uner the japanese boot

Marc Ariadne Tabalba

Don’t forget Australia has a bro and it’s Britain

C. Allison

I have always thought that after the last war the people who received the least justice were the Chinese and it was the greatest pity that they ended up under the communist banner. The West ended up with Japan as an ally, JAPAN, who had committed war crimes above horror! For instance I did have the honour of knowing, as a family friend, an army captain who had survived the Burma/Siam railway, also an uncle who was vey badly wounded at Kohima. The captain did not last long, his health was broken. What I did hear from these men probably… Read more Β»

T T Griffin

Japan received just & final retribution with the dropping of the first atomic weapons on their soil.

Pat Knowles

I’m ex RAN.Never think that the Aussies will ever back down on any subject be it sport or whatever

Butch Greene

China, you screw with one and I mean one Australian warship and you are going to have a damn bad day, because we are going to JUMP IN with BOTH FEET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! USA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Butch Greene

I will tune down my responses, okay… The South China seas are becoming a real hot bed and China’s made made islands don’t help. There again, climate change may solve the problem for us.. πŸ˜‰

Probably one good typhoon.

Scott Morris

im picking the old saying. you pick on one, you pick on us all. and i think the combined clout will send china back to the stong age

Graham Haxell

China appears not to have learned the lesson that Japan did when it went to war in 1939 and as such could face the same result. Who said history never repeats?

Fraser Bowe

It’s really the Yanks they are worried about and this is a proxy for that without provoking the inevitable response they’d get if they threatened a US vessel

Nathan Stewart

The authors of this article have apparently never read the text of the ANZUS and SEATO mutual defense treaties. Just as with NATO, an attack on a member nation is an attack of all signatories. China would find itself in hostilities with countries all around them.