A Chinook from 28 Squadron at RAF Benson assisted both the Royal Navy and British Army in transporting sand to Pewit Island in Portsmouth harbour to assist the National Trust in brining more wildlife back to the island.

The Chinook helicopter, from the Joint Helicopter Command, delivered 56 tonnes of aggregate to an island in Portsmouth Harbour to enhance an important habitat for coastal birds.

According to a Ministry of Defence release:

“Pewit Island, administered by the Hampshire and Isle of Wight Wildlife Trust, was once a thriving seabird colony. The aggregate, delivered by Royal Air Force Chinook helicopter, will help restore and improve a vitally important breeding and roosting area for a range of species.

Due to the remoteness of the site and shallow water, airlifting the aggregate was the only viable option and Number 28 Squadron, from RAF Benson in Oxfordshire, were delighted to assist.”

RAF Benson, where the Chinook is based, said in a statement:

“An RAF Benson Chinook helicopter delivered 56 tonnes of aggregate to Pewit Island today. Working closely with the Hants & IOW Wildlife Trust, the task is part of a project to help return breeding seabirds to Portsmouth harbour and 28 Squadron were delighted to assist.”

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13 days ago

It probably served as good tri service logistics exercise using all the services skills and organisation and also great PR .

Nigel Collins
Nigel Collins
12 days ago

A job well done.

7 days ago

Humphrey you excel yourself !!!