Coalition forces are focused on eliminating the remaining Islamic State fighters in Syria, a top official at Combined Joint Task Force Operation Inherent Resolve said today.

“The coalition will relentlessly pursue ISIS wherever they are until they are defeated,” Maj. Gen. Felix Gedney of the British Army, the task force’s deputy commander for strategy and support, told Pentagon reporters in a video briefing from Baghdad.

The Syrian Democratic Forces announced earlier in the month that their renewed push to defeat ISIS, he said. The coalition has since conducted 40 strikes against eight Islamic State held buildings, six logistical assets, two explosive factories and two weapons caches, he added.

“This increased defensive action to destroy ISIS marks the beginning of Operation Roundup,” he said. That is the coalition name for the operations “to destroy ISIS in the final areas where they hold ground east of the Euphrates River and liberate the last of their fake caliphate.”

“As Operation Roundup progresses, the coalition will continue to support the Syrian Democratic Forces, compacting what’s left of ISIS in Syria as we deal the final blow,” he said.

The Syrian Democratic Forces are securing the southeast portion of the Syria-Iraq border as part of the first phase of Operation Roundup, Gedney said. The SDF, he explained, are eliminating ISIS resistance and establishing defensive positions in coordination with the Iraqi security forces, which are operating in parallel on the Iraqi side of the border. Meanwhile, coalition forces are supporting the efforts through air, artillery and mortar strikes against targets, he said. The general noted that the Iraqi air force struck an Islamic State headquarters target May 6 near the Syrian border town of Dashisha, further degrading IS operational capability throughout eastern Syria and into western Iraq.

The total liberated area in the Euphrates River valley is now more than 5,000 square kilometres, he said, an area of more than 1,900 square miles.

“Ground operations by the Syrian Democratic Forces, coupled with intelligence, surveillance and fire support provided by the coalition, are having a devastating effect on ISIS as we strike ISIS targets and Syrian Democratic Forces continue to liberate lands held by ISIS terrorists,” the general told reporters.

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Affan Ali
Affan Ali (@guest_414899)
2 years ago


Steven (@guest_414903)
2 years ago

So when are we (US led coalition) going to stop building heavily defended military bases inside Syria then ? More are being constructed as i write, the plan to “Balkanize” Syria continues.

Paul.P (@guest_414922)
2 years ago
Reply to  Steven

When the Russians leave theirs?

SoleSurvivor (@guest_414944)
2 years ago
Reply to  Paul.P

Except the Russians were asked to be there by the Syrian government, Russia are in fact the only country legally allowed to be there.

BB85 (@guest_414954)
2 years ago
Reply to  SoleSurvivor

Yeah I don’t understand the US/Coalition strategy at all.

I can’t see anything worse than a Syria split up into separate regions with no effective government. When we know the mess Libya and Tunisia have turned out once ISIS is gone is returning to the status quo not better for everyone?

SoleSurvivor (@guest_415111)
2 years ago
Reply to  BB85

I don’t think there is a coherrent strategy at the minute, only one I can see is defeating ISIS. The original stategy of regime change in Syria has been kiboshed by Putin.

You are absolutely right, a return to pre civil war Syria is the best outcome for the Syrian people.

farouk (@guest_415000)
2 years ago
Reply to  Steven

So when are we (US led coalition) going to stop building heavily defended military bases inside Syria then ? More are being constructed as i write, the plan to “Balkanize” Syria continues.

The bases are only been built in Kurdish areas close to the border with Turkey. Seeing as the Pocket dictator there with plans for regional supremacy as the Caliph of the new Ottoman empire seeks to strut his stuff.

Mr J Bell
Mr J Bell (@guest_414905)
2 years ago

Unsure about the answer other than it makes sense to hold ground taken. I guess the Syrian democratic forces do not want to lose ground taken to a follow up operation by Assad’s dictatorship backed by Iran and Russia.


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Daveyb (@guest_414936)
2 years ago

No mention of the Iran/Israel tête-à-tête. They must be really careful that it does not escalate.

Now that it’s being promoted that the majority of Iraq has been liberated. What is our end game as I can’t see us being actively envolved in Syria’s civil war?