Cobham and Draken International have teamed with 3SDL to boost their capability in operational readiness training solutions for the Ministry of Defence Air Support to Defence Operational Training programme.

Cobham has announced a Teaming Agreement with 3SDL. This complements the Teaming Agreement already signed with Draken International to jointly develop solutions for the delivery of operational readiness training under the MoD’s Air Support to Defence Operational Training (ASDOT) programme.

According to the firm:

“The Teaming Agreement with 3SDL enables the Cobham team to comprehensively address the MoD’s requirement to prepare and assure UK Defence to successfully operate in the future contested, degraded and operationally limited air, maritime and land environments against evolving adversaries. 

Cobham’s technical excellence in advanced electronic warfare effects and training, across both the live and synthetic environments, and Draken’s world renowned reputation for delivering agile fighter adversary air services, is now complemented by 3SDL’s capability and experience in Close Air Support (CAS) and Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) experimentation and emulation for Collective Training. 

This combination of capabilities will assure the ASDOT programme of the most threat-relevant, innovative and advanced operational readiness training solution.”

Paul Armstrong, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Cobham Aviation Services UK, said:

“Cobham and Draken’s formidable capability portfolio in operational readiness training in the live and synthetic environment has been significantly bolstered by our Teaming Agreement with 3SDL. This team is ready to deliver the most advanced electronic warfare techniques to all three services to counter future adversary threats to ensure UK Armed Forces are operationally assured to carry out their requirements. 3SDL will contribute strongly to growing our capability and providing greater technological advancement over the next 15 years.”

Dibble Clark, Chairman of 3SDL, said:

“We are thrilled to join the Cobham and Draken team. Bringing our proven ISR and CAS emulation capability into the mix will provide an amazing high-quality and realistic training solution.  Together, I know that the team will provide the UK Armed Forces with the skills and confidence in employing Air Power that they will need for any future operational demand.”

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