Cobham has demonstrated a concept, Virtual Refuelling, a new simulation solution which can uniquely demonstrate accurate real-time hose and drogue behaviour in a synthetic Air-to-Air Refuelling environment. 

This VR capability is being demonstrated to industry using a desk top virtual reality simulator. Users are able to assume the role of a fighter pilot within a computer generated aerial refuelling and experience how the extended hose and drogue would realistically respond upon contact in-flight.

Virtual Refuelling uses high fidelity hose and drogue performance models which capture the interactions of all the components within Cobham’s wing pod and centreline systems.

These models play a significant role in the design of new AAR systems from concept to certification. Any number of different inflight scenarios or systems configurations can be tested to accurately predict how a system will respond.  This allows Cobham to validate and verify new AAR systems before they are built and flight tested.

This delivers the key benefit of reducing technology and commercial risk.

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