Raytheon UK will open a new office in London and a high-technology manufacturing facility in Livingston, Scotland.

The move forms part of what the firm call its ‘continued investment in Britain to create highly skilled jobs and diversify its technology portfolio in cyber intelligence, security, aerospace and defence’.

The new London office is expected to open in Spring 2019. It will host several of Raytheon UK’s functions, including cyber specialists to support government and commercial clients.

The 130,000-square-foot site in Livingston will provide Raytheon with a second manufacturing facility in Scotland.

Raytheon’s history in Scotland dates back to the 1960’s. The company’s contribution to the Scottish economy is estimated to be around £130m per annum, supporting over 1,000 jobs in Scotland.

This new site will support operations in the design and manufacturing of power technology systems, and is expected to be operational within two years to serve customers in commercial and defence markets. The site adds to Raytheon UK’s Glenrothes facility where 700 people are already employed.

“As part of our continued investment in Britain, these new sites will support job creation and underscore Raytheon’s commitment to  developing innovative new products and technical solutions for global markets,” said Richard Daniel, Raytheon UK CEO.

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David Steeper

I blame brexit !


you will in 3 or 4 hours


Raytheon has the ability to take down a Juncker…



Alex T

But what about a Juncker holding a glass?


Nice! 🙂


I think the government needs to step in here and Ray-Ban them

andy reeves



Don’t use capital letters andy reeves. It makes you come across as a ranting idiot.


wait for this comment section to be filled with ‘despite Brexit’ and ‘I was told everyone was leaving’ etc etc.


I guess the BBC (if they cover it which i highly doubt) would open with the sentance..

“Despite Brexit….”


Assuming it will ever be done and dusted of bourse. I think whatever happens it will continue to run and run, only Cameron seemed to think it was actually a final decision.

Daniele Mandelli

And Major. And Blair. And Mayor Khan. And any other politician you care to look up on youtube pressurising the country to vote remain as there will be no going back.

Yeah right!


BBC News – Raytheon plans second Scottish high-tech facility


Personally I would go with what the Bank of England say on brexit rather than so called experts like the boss of weather spoons and the boss of Dyson lol!!! and its too early to say what effect a no deal brexit will have until it happens.


Wasn’t he the guy who said the sky would fall in if we voted to leave,well the sky is still there and unfortunately so is he,


Much like ‘Germany’ and ‘Aircraft Carrier’, ‘The Bank of England’ and ‘Expert’ are words that I currently do not associate with one another. The BoE claimed that unemployment would rise. The opposite has happened. Unemployment is at its lowest since records began in 1971. The BoE claimed that a leave vote could trigger a recession, worse than what we experienced in 2008. As we have not seen this from simply voting to leave, such claims can be dismissed. The only thing they got right was the fall in the value of Sterling, which some claim was overvalued anyway. And even… Read more »

Daniele Mandelli

Spot on Lusty.

Carney, like Macron, Blair, and others, is a globalist.

National sovereignty is not on their long term agenda.

Sadly so many do not see or choose to ignore over their wealth status.

In 20 years time I will be pissing myself laughing at the shock on remainers faces when the see Britain becoming a province, driving on the right, and accepting the Euro.


Kill the politicians then, end of problem.

Daniele Mandelli

Obi Blair once thought as you do…

Daniele Mandelli

You do not know the power of the Dark Side ( says May / Corbyn / Macron and all the rest ) I MUST obey my Master…

Daniele Mandelli

Then Great Britain is truly dead….


Wow so you think having a Country with out Politics , MPs , goverment , is the way forward and ,or a dictatorship totalitarian regime lol!!! oohh the chaos. Come on guys lets get real and stop having short memories of the past.

Daniele Mandelli


Where did anyone say that?!!!!

Of course a country needs politics, MP’s and a government!


You would have thought the EU was a modern day incarnation of Nazi Germany the way some people talk. Did someone actually suggest “driving on the right” was a downside? I actually drive on the right every day in an AUTOMATIC and guess what, when I’m back in the UK its very easy to revert to manual on the left. As the world develops, the big super economies and blocs will be become more and more prevalent – China, India, EU, USA will rule the roost and everybody else will just be bouncing around as they are dwarfed in comparison.… Read more »

Daniele Mandelli


Perfectly put!

If the EU was just a trade block, the EEC of the 70s there would be no problem.

And Julian1. You’re mention of “some one saying driving on the right being a diwnside” being me.

Just say that again if it happens during the chaos of switching the entire UK road network to right hand drive, signs and all, and the utter chaos it would bring.

We cannot even survive an inch of snow here!


As a remain voting, kind of lefty (in some ways) I just wish we would get on with it already. The only form of Brexit that meets what I believe people voted for is a no deal one. A trade deal along the lines of the Canadian version would surely follow at some point, in the meantime lower Corp Tax rates and do other things to encourage the EU to come to the table.

Daniele Mandelli


As an ardent leaver and actually one of those blasted Brexit activists a large part of me wishes the whole thing never happened and Cameron did not, after years of refusal, try to settle the issue by asking.


Lol, I’m the other way. I voted remain but cannot see there is a way out of this now other than to walk away on the 29th. Sadly our Parliament seem hell bent on stopping it which will lead to lord knows what.

I hope the EU make our minds up for us and say enough is enough. The EU27 have plenty of issues of their own without all this.

Daniele Mandelli

Agree Rob.


Spot on Rob. All this feet dragging is unprofessional and embarrassing.


I know as an outsider my opinion doesn’t matter but I believe Britain should just dump those EU asshats and stand on their own again. Why would someone want some foreign politicians dictating what they can and cannot do in their own country? Britain is a great nation and will survive and prosper on it’s own away from Merkel and her EU gangsters.

Daniele Mandelli

Your opinion is as valid as anyone else’s.