Diamond Aircraft have conducted a live demonstration of its special mission flagship DA62 MPP.

The aircraft was equipped with Thuraya Aero Satellite System and a Trakka SWE-400 LE EO/IR gimbal.

Thuraya’s L-band satellite network enabled the real-time transmission of HD aerial video and position data from an inflight fixed-wing Diamond DA62 MPP surveillance aircraft to the mission control center.

The live surveillance imagery, flight tracking, and duplex data was displayed on the ground using a Scotty Group Mobile HD portable receive station that supports live exchange of Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) information, transmission of border/coastal patrol imagery, and first-responder support.

The DA62 MPP special mission aircraft with the installed airborne system will be on display at upcoming Dubai Airshow on Diamond’s stand S5 during November the 17th to 21st.

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Daniele Mandelli

What happened to the 2 or 3 DA 42 acquired for the RAF? I know it was done years back now.

Replaced with Reaper? Or still flown in Helmand?


They were being used in the UK for some tasks, principally simulating UAV’s in UK airspace for ground units that were to be deployed. Amongst other things…

Daniele Mandelli


I have a pretty good idea what they are for. I was more after if they are still in service now or have been sold off.


The backseat entertainment for the kids looks a bit OTT 🙂


Diamond Aircraft is china owned ,best the west stay clear of purchasing this aircraft.


That would be owned by the very elusive and secretive Ben Chin. Great looking bit of kit though. I read previously the engines are quite advanced. But yes your warning is appropriate.


Yep its a pretty plane.


When I look at this plane I see a modrn day Mosquito for some reason