Magam-Safety Ltd have unveiled a new capability for their self-sealing flexible fuel tank that prevents fuel leakage caused by ballistic damage following penetration of up to a 30mm bullet.

The flexible tanks are suitable for a variety of applications including military tanks, helicopters, and UAVs. In addition, the company will present its semi-rigid boat that enables the collection of torpedoes at sea during training exercises.

According to Magam’s Chairman, Amit Tesler:

“We are introducing, for the first time, a unique capability of self-sealing fuel tanks to prevent leakage caused by damage from 30mm caliber bullets. The weapons that are being developed today are moving to this caliber, and we are ready to meet this existing need. Our first fuel tank, with a 20mm caliber self-sealing capability, was unveiled last year, and we have already developed a tank providing even more powerful protection, in response to rapidly changing needs.”

It is understood that Magam’s self-sealing technology is based on mechanical and chemical advances and prevents leakage by self-sealing the holes within 0.1 ms (milliseconds), reducing the ignition potential of fuel leaks, and thus saving lives and equipment.

The firm claim that this is the only solution that prevents leakage following the impact of a 30mm bullet, while maintaining both sealing capability and low weight.

The company say it is also presenting a solution for collecting torpedoes at sea during training exercises, using semi-rigid boats. This capability is based on the company’s expertise in rubber solutions.

The boat, a double-hulled catamaran, enables the collection of torpedoes after firing, while still hot, without requiring a diver in the water. The boat includes an inflatable fender, aluminum working, outboard engine, aft A-frame, radar and antenna arch, console, front A-frame, and front support.

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We need to be looking at Israel as a NATO member, especially as it develops and expands its assets within the Eastern Mediterranean.


But then we would have to defend it from its neighbours while it was breaking international law annexing territory in the same way as Russia.


Israel Major was always going to be, and will be in the future.
The terrorists had their two state chance. Now time to build a civilised greater Israel, inclusive of its 23% Muslim/Druze population.
Israel’s model will be on that of Australia, USA, Canada, New Zealand…


Israel can’t be part of NATO as long as it violates UN resolutions and International Law, while denying millions of people of their right to freedom and democracy. The values that Israel represents are the very values that NATO was founded to oppose.