NATO Eurofighter & Tornado Management Agency has awarded a three year contract to Eurojet to support the EJ200 engine.

An EJ200 engine
An EJ200 engine

Eurojet Turbo GmbH Managing Director Clemens Linden said:

“This contract signature marks an important step towards the future, assuring support of the Typhoon fleets for uninterrupted operations and including savings that will underpin confidence in our ambition to continuously improve the future support concept of this fantastic engine.”

The EJ200 is a used as the powerplant of the Eurofighter Typhoon. The engine is largely based on the Rolls-Royce XG-40 technology demonstrator. Upon formation of the EuroJet consortium in 1986 much of the continuing XG-40 research was used for the new programme.

The requirements were for an engine capable of higher thrust, a much longer life and of far less complexity than previous engines, such as the RB199 in the Tornado. The result was a powerplant with similar dimensions to the Tornado’s RB199 yet having almost half as many parts and delivering nearly 50% more thrust.

The EJ200 is a collaborative engine between Rolls-Royce, MTU, Avio and ITP, who formed in the late 1980s as EUROJET Turbo GmbH.

That stats according to Rolls Royce are displayed below.

Thrust lbf (kN)20,000 (89) reheated (13,500 dry)
Bypass ratio0.4
Pressure ratio26
Length in (m)157 (4)
Diameter in (m)29 (0.74)
Basic weight lb (Kg)2,180 (989)
Compressor3LP, 5HP
Turbine1HP, 1LP
ApplicationsEurofighter Typhoon
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