The first mine warfare exercise of the year, Dynamic Move 2020, has kicked off in Belgium bringing together 19 nations say NATO.

According to the Alliance, this tactical-level exercise aims to improve the capabilities of NATO forces to integrate and respond to a crisis where waterborne mines are a threat by testing Mine Countermeasures (MCM) forces’ abilities to operate near the coasts and clear the sea ways for other maritime forces to safely conduct operations.

Sixteen NATO Allies, partner nations Finland and Sweden as well as Algeria as an observer are taking part. Held at the mine warfare training centre in Ostend, Dynamic Move runs through the 6th of February.

Standing NATO Mine Countermeasures Group One (SNMCMG1) with its Commander S.G. Knudsen-Hauge and his staff are taking part in the exercise.

“Dynamic Move gives us invaluable training and experience as a staff, working under high pressure over a prolonged period of time, but still be able to operate in an environment of learning without bringing depletion of valuable resources. To gain the amount and level of experience we are gaining here would require months at sea, with continuous and arduous training,” said Commander S.G. Henning Knudsen-Hauge in a news release.

“This training will make the participating units more capable to perform MCM missions, but the units also bring this experience back home to participating nations, enabling learning process and sharing knowledge. This in time will make NATO and the SNMCMG1 a more capable and more effective force when needed.”

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Hmm… “Operation Dynamic Move begins in Belgium” . Wasn’t this the Daily Mail headline almost 80 years ago to the day ??


Not the best name. Was paradigm shift unavailable?

Steve Martin

Kinetic shift?


Why is Algeria invited? Corrupt regime that is not an ally and is equipped with Russian equipment.

Daniele Mandelli

When I saw the headline I thought it would concern some modern day REFORGER exercise, not MCM.