The MoD have commented on claims that a legal firm which spent years ‘hounding British troops’ has had its access to public money axed.

The firm led by controversial lawyer Phil Shiner has repoortedly dragged veterans through courts for years, “often with false claims that they tortured and murdered Iraqis” according to the Daily Mail and other news sources.

This latest announcement means the firm is now unable to use taxpayers’ money to sue the Government or British servicemen.

It is claimed that the decision to strip Public Interest Lawyers of its ability to claim legal aid is ‘a victory for the soldiers it tormented’.

Defence Secretary Michael Fallon said:

“We’ve seen our legal system abused to falsely impugn our Armed Forces. Now we are seeing justice done. Every day, our service men and women show bravery and dedication in difficult circumstances. They shouldn’t be subject to unfounded legal claims. We are working on a package of measures that, alongside this ruling, will ensure they aren’t.”

It has also been reported that one of the country’s leading human rights lawyers faces an inquiry into allegations Iraqi civilians were bribed to bring abuse claims against British soldiers. The Sun reports that the National Crime Agency is expected to be passed a file in the coming days outlining allegations.



  1. A single case or even a small number of individual cases fair enough – try them on their merits. However this crowd seem really to have specialised in this which I find dispicable. Anyone and every organisation should boycott this bunch of shisters!


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