Allied Maritime Command and Georgian Internal Affairs officials conducted several events to enhance the operational level of NATO-Georgia maritime cooperation this week, according to NATO.

NATO Maritime Command Deputy Commander, French Navy Vice Admiral Hervé Bléjean, met with the Minister of Internal Affairs, Head of the Border Police and Chief of the Coast Guard during a visit to the Georgian capital Tbilisi. The officials spoke about the concrete steps taken so far at the operational and tactical level that have increased interoperability between NATO and Georgian forces.

At the same time, Standing NATO Maritime Group Two (SNMG2) under the direction of Royal Navy Commodore Mike Utley, conducted a port visit in Poti, Georgia May 14 to May 17 with four ships from the group: Royal Navy destroyer HMS Duncan (flagship), Turkish frigate TCG Gemlik, Romanian frigate ROS Regele Ferdinand and Bulgarian frigate BGS Drazki.

The group is conducting a Passing Exercise with the Georgian Coast Guard on May 17 to increase interoperability and provide an opportunity for the Georgian Coast Guard Boarding Teams to work with NATO counterparts.

The alliance say it is increasing its presence in the Black Sea region as part of the Tailored Forward Presence (tFP) activities to provide assurance to Allies on the Black Sea and increase interoperability among NATO and partner Navies.

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Andy G

So Russia is basically surrounded in the black sea, is it any wonder the are scared?
I’d be developing usable nuclear weapons too.


Sounded by what? Let’s face it, remove the US from NATO and the Russians really have nothing to worry about.

Andy G

Thats true but I wasnt assuming that.

David S

The Russians create their own worries. I firmly believe that if Putin wasn’t around NATO would be defunct by 2030. Putin has been the best ambassador for NATO in the last 15 years. There’s nothing better than creating an enemy to win votes at home! Unfortunately, the Russian people will suffer badly in the long run.


Worry about China & Russia as ‘partners’