On August the 31st, the German Air Force Eurofighter detachment took over the augmenting role of NATO’s Baltic Air Policing mission from the French Air Force at Ämari Air Base, Estonia.

The French Air Force Mirage 2000-5 detachment, deployed at Ämari since last May, handed over its augmenting role in NATO’s Baltic Air Policing to a German Air Force Eurofighter detachment during a ceremony today.

The second Air Policing detachment at Ämari takes place under NATO’s assurance measures introduced in 2014 as the Alliance’s response to Russian interventions in Ukraine and is aimed at reassuring eastern Allies and demonstrating NATO’s commitment and resolve, say the Alliance in a press release.

“Collectively we remain vigilant and operational with Allies like France, Germany and Estonia and all other members of the Alliance,” said Lieutenant General Habersetzer, Commander Combined Air Operations Centre (CAOC) Uedem.

“And we will continue to ensure peace and security for our people,” he added.

The 54th rotation of NATO’s BAP mission until the end of the year will consist of Italy, scheduled to take over from Spain in Lithuania, and Germany. Flying out of Estonia, the German Air Force will conduct the Baltic Air Policing mission for the entire region until September 8th, when the Italian Air Force will take up its leading role in Lithuania.

“This temporary arrangement to execute the BAP mission with one detachment reflects the flexibility of NATO Air Power,” said General Habersetzer.

“My CAOC staff at Uedem, on behalf of Allied Air Command, as well as my staff of the German Air Operations Command manage the national fighter assets made available to provide an effective and efficient Air Policing capability in the region. I assure you that we keep the airspace over our Baltic Allies safe and at the same time demonstrate NATO’s continuous commitment to deterrence and defence in the region,” the General concluded.

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HMS Monarch
HMS Monarch (@guest_518727)
8 months ago

Surprised they can take over air policing given the state of their airforce

Ian M
Ian M (@guest_518735)
8 months ago
Reply to  HMS Monarch

More like an Air PCSO mission?

Mark B
Mark B (@guest_518745)
8 months ago
Reply to  Ian M


dan (@guest_518929)
8 months ago

Did not know Germany had a few Typhoons in flying condition. lol

Leonidas (@guest_519070)
8 months ago

The state of Germany’s armed forces is shameful. Merkel is Putin’s puppet, and has been, for quite a long time.