HMS Ambush has been involved in a collision with a merchant vessel off the coast of Gibraltar.

According to a press release:

At approximately 1330 local time today, HMS AMBUSH, an Astute-class submarine, while submerged and conducting a training exercise was involved in a glancing collision with a merchant vessel off the coast of Gibraltar. We are in contact with the merchant vessel and initial indications are that it has not sustained damage.

The submarine suffered some external damage but there is absolutely no damage to her nuclear plant and no member of the ship’s company was injured in the incident. 

An immediate investigation is being conducted.
The submarine will be entering Gibraltar later this evening for further checks. There are no safety concerns associated with HMS AMBUSH being alongside.

HMS Ambush is an Astute class nuclear fleet submarine, the second boat of her class. Ambush is the third vessel, and the second submarine, to bear the name in Royal Naval service. She was ordered in 1997, laid down in 2003 and commissioned in 2013.

In April 2015, Ambush participated in Exercise Joint Warrior, the largest military exercise held in Europe, alongside 55 other naval ships of NATO navies.

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Jason Atkin
Callum Sweeney
Paul Stewart


Joe Raw Cockerill

The Wrecker will be low on gaffer tape.

David Jolly Roger

That will be fine, a bit of T Cut and you won’t know the difference.

UK SkyWatcher

Were they ramming a french fishing trawler!?

Max Baker

More money we can’t afford… Also the 26s are on hold indefinitaly and navy drones being pulled…

Greg Griffiths

Since when?

Allan Hindmarsh

Since max read a newspaper n saw what he wanted to see. Moron.

Max Baker

Allan Hindmarsh aren’t you the gentleman

John Stewart

I’d be more impressed by the anti-military Separatists’ concern were it not for the fact that these useless f**kers woulda had their Scottish Indy navy consisted of more than fisheries vessels, yachts & dinghies !!

Mark Llewellyn

One wonders if it was a Spanish flagged ‘merchant’ vessel?

Dave Stone

Bang goes the No Claims Bonus


Glad no one was hurt but I hope this isn’t expensive to fix. We can’t afford to lose money from the budget on stuff like this and the Astutes have fancy acoustic tiles all over the outside don’t they so even a minor scrape might need some complicated repairs. Sometimes it almost feels as if there’s been a curse on the Astute class: collision, grounding, a murder onboard.

Ben Davis

Nice run ashore for the lads.

Seb Haggart
Kevan Colling

And the torpedo sunk the the Spanish flagship?

Charlie Stuart

Keeran Stephenson

Keeran Stephenson

Seen it mate

Morgan Ough

I do t think that’s how you conduct an ambush….

How did they manage to not detect a merchant vessel?

Ian Stewart

Ouch!!!! :/

Mark Llewellyn

Anyone believe this cover story? The most advanced sub in the world can detect boats leaving harbour hundreds of miles away yet can see a huge tanker on top of it! It’s been rammed by a Spanish vessel or Russian is my best bet!

Dan Brown

If it was attacked, why wouldn’t it respond? I assume Ambush was carrying Torpedos?

Dave Cullen

Misjudged the depth of the vessel hull below the waterline . I suspect she was fully laden and you dont have a cllear line of sight your eyes is a screen Periscope depth for the digital cam scope to be deployed is 60ft . Possibly happend to quickly for the CO to order a crash dive . We have seen surface vessels collide with deadlier outcomes

Mark Llewellyn

Dan Brown this sort of thing used to happen in the Cold War a lot. In so called peacetime they don’t like using weapons tends to start wars. I doubt very much it was as they described and I doubt we will ever find out what really happened.

Dan Brown

Bloody fish boats! ? Ffs, should have rammed the little bitch straight to Davey Jones. More repairs that have to be paid for


Astute Class is accident prone!

Jack Robert Turner

Just as well we have 3 more submarines while she’s in dry dock for repairs.

It’s widowmakes i tell you. Damn, where are those brick-crack overwatch heroes when you need them?

Nick Kamwendo

All that high tech kit still no sensor to detect the presence of a huge vessel ?

Noel McDonald

Can we not pilot our subs anymore, one beached , one collision.