Astute class submarine HMS Ambush has completed her first operational deployment and returned home to the Clyde.

The Astute class are the latest class of nuclear-powered attack submarines in service of the Royal Navy. The class sets a new standard for the Royal Navy in terms of weapons load, communication facilities and stealth.

The vessel also made port visits to Gibraltar and Soudha Bay in Crete and became the first UK nuclear submarine to visit Limassol, where she hosted the Cypriot Defence Minister, several key Cypriot military leaders and the UK Sovereign Base Area Commanding Officer.

In 2012, during simulated battles with the USS New Mexico, it was reported that the Americans were “taken aback” by the first in class Astute’s capabilities. Commander Iain Breckenridge was quoted saying:

“Our sonar is fantastic and I have never before experienced holding a submarine at the range we were holding USS New Mexico. The Americans were utterly taken aback, blown away with what they were seeing.”

The vessel left HMNB Clyde in May to spend the summer conducting operations in addition to taking part in NATO activities and exercises.

Commander Alan Daveney said:

“HMS Ambush has proven her capabilities as one of the most advanced submarines in the world and this successful deployment is proof that the Astute-class can operate anywhere in the world.”

The deployment saw her take part in NATO’s largest and most demanding Anti-Submarine Warfare exercise, Dynamic Manta 15, where Ambush repeatedly successfully proved her fighting capabilities against five surface ships and seven maritime patrol aircraft and helicopters.

She was one of seven submarines from the US, Spanish, Turkish, Greek, French and Italian navies, which pitted their wits against the surface ships of NATO’s Standing Maritime Group 2, led by the German frigate FGS Hamburg, in the Ionian Sea in September.

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