Montrose is the fourth Royal Navy ship inside 12 months to visit the Japanese city.

In a news release, the Royal Navy say that The Plymouth-based frigate is enjoying six days at Harumi Wharf about three miles from the city centre.

“A large welcoming party from Japanese sailors greeted the Type 23, fresh from working with the US Navy on maritime security operations in the South China Sea, and Commanding Officer Commander Conor O’Neill thanked his hosts for their hospitality by handing over a mounted crest to the Port Authority.

Montrose follows her sister HMS Sutherland (last April), HMS Albion (last summer) and, most recently, HMS Argyll, in Tokyo over the New Year period. Like her predecessors she’s conducting exercises with Japan’s Maritime Self Defence Force – she’s berthed next to the destroyer Murasame at Harumi – and the US Navy’s Seventh Fleet, the latest workout involving the three allied navies. Such joint operations are intended to generally support peace in the western Pacific Rim and specifically to put pressure on North Korea and Pyongyang’s illegal nuclear programme.”

The Type 23 frigate is in the final stages of a journey to Bahrain where she’ll be based for up to three years, with crew being replaced every four months to sustain her long-term presence.

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