HMS Queen Elizabeth is back at sea after an extended period at Invergordon where she had minor rectification work completed.

It was confirmed to the UK Defence Journal that HMS Queen Elizabeth was having rectification and repair work done after a propeller issue was identified in sea trials.

Multiple sources, some on board the vessel, have told the UK Defence Journal that an issue has been identified with the prop shaft, specifically that the part of the frame/bracket holding the prop shaft in place is 12mm out of alignment, causing the prop to be slightly at an angle leading to ‘cavitation, excess noise and drag’. It’s likely that this may have been caused by debris as earlier in the month as HMS Queen Elizabeth picked up an item of debris around one of her propeller shafts.

The Aircraft Carrier Alliance confirmed at the time that divers had been investigating the debris around one of the propeller shafts:

“The ship is performing well, however an item of debris was caught around one of the propeller shafts. This was subsequently cleared and an investigation has been undertaken.”

HMS Queen Elizabeth visited Invergordon for a planned stop to re-fuel and store the ship however she has been alongside longer than planned. We understand that the opportunity has been taken to undertake some engineering work, but sources close to the programme assure us that “this is very much in hand and, whilst I’m aware of the speculation, we expect this to be routinely undertaken and for sea trials to continue successfully.”

One of the supercarriers two props.

We reached out to the ACA for comment who responded by suggesting that this isn’t out of the ordinary:

“HMS Queen Elizabeth is making progress through the sea trials programme, designed to test the full spectrum of her vast and complex systems.

We fully anticipate this will identify areas for improvement that will be addressed at sea, during routine port stops or as part of the planned engineering period.”

Sea trials monitor speed, manoeuvrability, power and propulsion as well as undertaking weapons trials and additional tests on her levels of readiness.

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Baz (@guest_377733)
3 years ago

Be interest what that idiot MH will say about this LOL

Steven Jones
Steven Jones (@guest_377739)
3 years ago
Reply to  Baz

Blah, Blah, Blah….Patrolboats, Blah, Blah, Blah

Mr Bell
Mr Bell (@guest_377734)
3 years ago

Don’t you mean TH? Famous for gormlessly arguing against defence expenditure and military capability needed to defend this nation.

Baz (@guest_377735)
3 years ago
Reply to  Mr Bell


Rob (@guest_377738)
3 years ago

White elephant. We do not need a Navy. In these times of austerity we need to live within our means and equip fishing boats with loud speakers and water cannons. The F35 should also be scrapped in favour of gliders, where the pilots can drop bombs by hand.

There you go TH, done your job for you 🙂

KieranC (@guest_377742)
3 years ago

It’s good to hear she was fixed so quick, thought it would take longer.

Steve (@guest_377743)
3 years ago

based on the picture, she appears to have left without her escorts.

chris (@guest_377756)
3 years ago
Reply to  Steve

Steve – Shhh .. they were only there for the Photo Op. Like the Merlin. As basically she is a civilian ship she doesn’t need escorts as such. Not that we have two frigates spare to be there. AIS shows one disappeared the day after and the other sat in Rosyth for a week. Mind two patrol bots came up the canal past Loch Ness carrying the mail …. And on a more serious tone its good to see the two new carriers (Ford and QE) are both now on proper sea trials. The Americans like to Commission and then… Read more »

David (@guest_377759)
3 years ago
Reply to  chris

Good point and interesting to see Ford is already armed will her self-defence suite including – MISSILES!!! Still can’t believe QE/PoW will be commissioned and put to sea with NO missile fit whatsoever….

Rob (@guest_377773)
3 years ago
Reply to  Steve

I’m sure there is an SSN nearby. Just hope it’s one of ours!

chris (@guest_377758)
3 years ago

I see Michal Fallon has landed on QE for a visit and thank the crew and Alliance staff. Nice touch.

He also announced HMS Prince of Wales, will be officially named at a ceremony in Rosyth on 8th September 2017 although I still have a tenner on her being ‘Ark Royal’

And presumably float up soon after. Or will they float her up and then move her out as she is Christened? Good PR opportunity.

…. about the time QE will return from sea trials and need the dry dock ….. I love it when a plan comes together!