HMS Ramsey has returned home following a four-month NATO deployment.

The Sandown class vessel was working with Standing NATO Mine Countermeasures Group 1 (SNMCMG1) in the Baltic and North Sea, say the Royal Navy.

According to a Royal Navy news release:

“Throughout the deployment, HMS Ramsey and her 40-strong crew have conducted maritime security, historical ordnance disposal and multinational exercises alongside the UK’s NATO maritime partners and allies. Deploying after a period of training with Flag Officer Sea Training, HMS Ramsey joined the task group in Gothenburg, Sweden before moving into the Baltic Sea.

The task group was made up of MCMVs from the Netherlands, Norway, Germany, Belgium and Denmark and UK with the Danish vessel HDMS Thetis as the Group Flagship. Primarily deployed to the Baltic and North Atlantic region, SNMCMG1 is a permanent and high readiness task group which provides NATO with an immediate operational response capability both in peacetime and in crisis.”

HMS Ramsey’s Commanding Officer, Lieutenant Commander Peter Ellison, said:

“This has been a valuable and successful deployment demonstrating the UK’s commitment to NATO and helping to keep maritime trade routes open. My team have delivered on operations and now look forward to a period of well-deserved leave. The opportunity to welcome family and friends on board is something we all look forward to and I am delighted to be able to show them my appreciation for their outstanding support throughout our deployment.”

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“Mine Countermeasures” you say…. Hmm, do we know any hot spots that have been using mines lately? Like…. I dunno… the Gulf?!
That number of vessels would have been handy after the Norwegian tanker got holed. We would have had the numbers to potentially prevent the British flagged tanker not long afterwards.
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The tankers that got holed off UAE where hit with diver placed limpet mines. The other two which where hit latter on where again hit with limpet mines but placed on the above water hull by a boat. The limpets where king huge! Something like 75 cm in diameter and conical as they where shaped charges. They where attached magnetically to the first 4 boats and ramset gunned ( Explosive powered rivet gun) onto the second two. (I was looking at one of the holed vessels this morning whilst its being repair.) MCMVs are not going to stop limpet mines… Read more »


Thanks Gunbuster!
So limpet mines delivered by boats and divers? Could the mere presence of an MCMV have been enough of a deterrent do you think?
What are your thoughts on countering this type of mine?
For a naval vessel, I would like to think they have the means to detect them. But for a huge commercial vessel… not so much.
If they are detectable, at what range can they be identified?
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We already have 4 MCMVs based permanently in the region.


Hmmm….HMS Ramsey…was Kylie Minogue on board?