HMS Somerset won the award to mark their ‘outstanding achievements’ last year and it’s well deserved.

The ship’s commanding officer, Commander Tim Berry, said:

“2017 has been an equally challenging and rewarding year for the sailors of HMS Somerset. This award is a testament to the verve and professionalism that they display every day. My thanks go especially to all of our families and friends, without their support and understanding we would not have been able to achieve so much.”

According to a Royal Navy press release:

“HMS Somerset has been awarded the accolade for being the most successful and versatile of all of the Royal Navy’s frigates, which are widely considered to be the workhorses of the fleet.

Through short-notice national tasking, high level engagement as part of the ‘Year of the Royal Navy’, multi-national exercises and capability demonstrations, she has delivered consistently and to the highest standard. She started the year in the role as the duty anti-submarine towed array patrol ship, and was required to sail over Christmas showing the Royal Navy’s commitment to keeping home waters safe.

The warship has also escorted non NATO ships and submarines in UK waters at short notice throughout the year. She contributed directly to the ‘Year of the Navy’ by taking part in the Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo and hosted the NATO Secretary General, Jens Stoltenberg. The crew’s busy year included helping generate engineers of the future by qualifying over 100 engineering technicians during their very first period at sea.”

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Welldone to all, now move aside there’s some chaps from Brazil wanting to measure up…


After a very expensive refit, payed for by us ofcourse.

David Stephen

Which is the only reason we got £85 million for her.


David, you’ll confuse Jas and Steven with facts…