HMS Spey has successfully completed defect rectification with the assistance of Japanese partners and the support of Japan Marine United in Yokosuka.

The announcement was made via Twitter by HMS Spey, expressing gratitude for the collaboration and support received.

The tweet from @HMS_Spey reads: “HMS SPEY recently completed defect rectification with the assistance of our friends in Japan and the support of Japan Marine United in Yokosuka. The Ship has now been fully restored to its capabilities and is back out on the high seas undertaking vital training for the Ship’s Co.”

HMS Spey is the fifth and final of the second-generation River Class Offshore Patrol Vessels built for the Royal Navy. Both HMS Spey and HMS Tamar represent the U.K.’s commitment to Britain’s persistent presence in the Indo Pacific.

Spey is currently operating in Southeast Asia and the Indian Ocean, supporting regional partners with anti-smuggling, fishery protection, border patrol, and counter-terrorism operations.

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Challenger (@guest_829961)
16 days ago

Great that our friend and increasingly close ally Japan helped us out.

But out of interest what facilities does the MoD have in Singapore? Does it comprise of warehouses and a refuelling wharf with no repair facilities?

grizzler (@guest_829969)
16 days ago
Reply to  Challenger

maybe it was trial – see how they did….just saying is all…

Jon (@guest_829972)
16 days ago
Reply to  Challenger

Last I heard it was an 8 person team there, so surely that’s fuel and supplies. However, when HMS Diamond was experiencing issues during CSG 21, it pulled into BDSSU, which reportedly supported the ship resolving its issue. What that support consisted of, reports didn’t say, whether dedicated engineering expertise or mugs of tea and chip butties.

Simon (@guest_830106)
15 days ago

Spey deluxe. More chrome and tinted windows

rst 2001
rst 2001 (@guest_830252)
15 days ago

Cold beers back on tap

Dern (@guest_830414)
14 days ago