HMS Sutherland is on Exercise Cold Response 2020, say the Royal Navy.

According to a news release, the Type 23 Frigate is the lead anti-submarine warship on the Norwegian-led winter exercise, which involves 15,000 troops from ten nations, including 2,000 from the UK.

“While Royal Marines raid inland via fast raiding craft and helicopters of Commando Helicopter Force, Devonport-based Sutherland is ready to pounce to protect the amphibious forces from subsurface attacks. The ‘Fighting Clan’ remains on call to respond to events and incidents around the UK, but has headed to the high north for a demanding programme of air defence, gunnery and joint anti-submarine exercises.

Sutherland most recently worked alongside the Royal Norwegian Navy’s frigate HNoMS Thor Heyerdahl and completed a successful mission to locate and deter submarines in a Norwegian fjord. Anti-submarine warfare in the freeze of the north poses many challenges in itself – the temperature of the sea (as well as salinity and various temperature layers) play a key role in how effective sonar is – making this essential training for the Cold Response hunters.”


“Operating in the Norwegian fjords going up against a well-trained and worked-up Norwegian submarine who is operating in her own backyard has given us a fresh challenge and allowed us an opportunity to test our thought processes to make sure we’re up to the task,” Principle Warfare Officer (Underwater), Lieutenant Commander James Mitchell said.

“Our recent exercises have included operations with Norwegian frigates and a number of units from the Norwegian Corvette and Mine Countermeasure Squadrons.”

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Mark B
Mark B (@guest_496578)
1 year ago

Surely we have too many of these Frigates fully manned in top condition just sitting around waiting for a deployment. Haven’t they just sent Argyll off for seven months on a cruise round the isle of wight or something?

Frank Farrell
Frank Farrell (@guest_496632)
1 year ago
Reply to  Mark B

Isn’t it sad that someone finds it necessary to be so negative about the serving personnel who have just left their families and loved ones for a 7 month deployment on HMS Argyll ?

Mark B
Mark B (@guest_496974)
1 year ago
Reply to  Frank Farrell

Frank there is nothing negative about humour – you should try it sometime. As for the crew it is the nature of the business they are in. Being away from home is hard but they will have each other to get them through it. Humour will be one of the many tools used to distract those who are worried or homesick.

turk (@guest_496659)
1 year ago
Reply to  Mark B

Oof, I doubt UKDJ will take that old bait.

Mark B
Mark B (@guest_496666)
1 year ago
Reply to  turk

Lol. I was half wondering if I could goad someone into chipping in with a position statement on the refits. Worth a try …

turk (@guest_496677)
1 year ago
Reply to  Mark B

dont give yet even with these comments here, give it time its the Internet 🙂

Eth (@guest_496693)
1 year ago

Glad to see the UK heading the deployment, with there Cold War experience and all. Let’s just hope the new Type 26’s have towed array sonar and VLS launched torpedoes to boot, surely you can’t rely fully on the Wildcat for what is at heart an anti-submarine frigate?

Andy (@guest_496722)
1 year ago

So, that’s us on two anti-sub exercises, simultaneously. Leading one. Protecting NATOs northern and southern flanks.

And the article didn’t touch on our submarine contributions which I will assume are significant.

Cam (@guest_496879)
1 year ago
Reply to  Andy

Well we aren’t working alone like in ww2 First years mate.

Cam (@guest_496880)
1 year ago

What are those three curved things Gabon the hangar roof? Anyone know? They seem to be off most of our refitted frigates.

Paul T
Paul T (@guest_496891)
1 year ago
Reply to  Cam

Cam – I think Gunbuster said on a previous thread they are (from memory) Radar Signal Diffusers or something like that,due to the Sea Wolf Radar Tracker on the Hangar Roof.

donald_of_tokyo (@guest_496918)
1 year ago

Note she carries no missile. No Harpoon, and no SeaWolf.

As this is exercise, it is OK. As ASW asset, HMS Sutherland with her Merlin can do their job.

Does anybody know if SeaWolf has gone out of operation in RN already?