Local media have reported that F-15 jets intercepted an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) flying at an unusual height over the Gaza Strip.

According to Haaretz, the UAV flew four kilometres over the Strip, and F-15s were dispatched to shoot it down.

“An unmanned aircraft flying was detected flying at an irregular altitude over the Gaza Strip. IDF fighter jets were sent toward it and they intercepted it,” the Israeli military said in a statement.

It is understood that the Israeli military policy regarding drones in Gaza Strip air space is to interfere only if the drones reach the border or otherwise threaten Israeli security. In this case, Israel say that the irregular altitude of the drone constituted a potential threat, causing it to be intercepted by Israeli jets.

Tensions at the Israel-Gaza border have been high, following several security incidents in recent weeks.

Israel has not given details on the size or design of that drone, or how it was stopped.

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Steve Salt

They don`t mess about do they ?

Chris J

They can’t afford to considering that they’re surrounded by unfriendly forces…


I agree with you 100% Chris. They play in a tough neighborhood and ‘Unfriendly’ is putting mildly. Israel is surrounded by players in the region that want nothing less than their complete annihilation. The Israelis take ‘no prisoners’ and make no apology for it – and why should they. BTW – anyone have any details on the recent air exercise the IAF had with the RAF at Conningsby recently? I saw they had sent over some F-15Is but there seems to be precious little in the media about what went down. I firmly believe that in the RAF we have… Read more »

Paul T

David -plenty of videos on YouTube showing the Israeli F15’s.

Craig Smith

Perhaps if they were to withdraw from their illegal occupation of the West Bank they might find themselves being hated a lot less. I don’t suppose the French and all the other Europeans exactly welcomed their German occupiers in World War II either…

Paul T

Any bets on whose Drone it was ? It would be well within the capabilities of the Palestinian Authorities to possess and deploy Drones but maybe theres another player at work.