Elbit Systems UK has been awarded an £123 million contract by the Ministry of Defence to deliver the Royal Navy Future Naval Training Programme as part of the Fisher consortium led by Capita plc.

The contract will be performed over a 12-year period.

The Selborne programme calls for the transformation and modernisation of the shore-based training of the Royal Navy including the establishment of a Future Submarine School. As the Synthetic Integrator for the Fisher consortium, Elbit Systems UK will develop and deliver a new Combat Systems Operator Trainer in the Future Submarine School and modernise and manage legacy synthetic training systems across the Royal Navy.

“Elbit Systems UK will provide new technologies that support the synthetic vision of Defence Operational Training Capability (Maritime) (DOTC(M)), while ensuring availability and efficiency of the Royal Navy’s existing legacy capabilities. Elbit Systems UK is now providing world-leading training capabilities to the British Army, Royal Air Force, and Royal Navy, specialising and adapting these capabilities at its facilities across the UK.”

The firm add that this latest contract will enable the company to further develop its UK production capabilities, creating local jobs, stimulating British innovation and fostering UK skills in the long term.

Martin Fausset, CEO of Elbit Systems UK, said:

“Project Selborne will be a pathfinder for the Royal Navy’s transformation agenda, with the introduction of enhanced training capabilities at the forefront of personnel achieving their potential and arriving at the front line quicker. We are delighted to be a part of the team delivering next-generation training capabilities to the Royal Navy, following on the success of Elbit Systems UK’s provision of advanced training capabilities to the British Army and the Royal Air Force.”

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I see no comments by the so called ” patriots” when it comes to awarding a foreign contractor the training of our navy? Is this how low things have come in Britain that we outsource training to apartheid regimes that share not vaccines with the people they occupy illegally under international law?

Training of our navy should be done by British officers . This is the Royal Navy we are talking about being trained by a country that has few corvettes? Something is very fishy about this contract !!

George Royce

I agree. We seem to have zero direction in the armed forces. You know what, trickles downhill. There’s a lack of military leadership, because there’s a lack of political leadership. Boris is all bluster and headlines, he doesn’t really know how to help BAF.

Robert Blay

I don’t think you have understood the article, and what Elbit systems uk will provide.

Daniele Mandelli

PMs do not get involved at this level.
Linking this to the PM is ridiculous.

Daniele Mandelli

RN training establishments are staffed by RN officers and other ranks. I think this article implies the company are supplying technical expertise, management services, and simulator systems.

Israel is not teaching the RN the arts of naval warfare.


Moee to do with Elbit providing the simulator technical support package. Elbit are everywhere in the defence industry, they aren’t about to provide instructors teaching recruits in training.


Are you one of those that that believe there is a Jewish plot to take over the UK ? Did the South African government have black representatives ? Grow up.


Neo-Marxists obviously hate Israel. So they support Hamas and PLO desire to destroy it. They don’t tell you Palestinian administration had cut most ties with Israel and Palestinian health chief said they only looked to buy vaccines a couple weeks ago. While Israel was on the field months ago. If Israel wasn’t in front of vaccination drive they could care less about Palestinians situation. They only talk about it when Israel is better. In relation to this contract, a big thing with Isreali stuff is tend to be very friendly to users and going to the point. The over engineering,… Read more »


What does Israel have to teach the Royal Navy? Maybe feasible for land forces in urban environments vs insurgents, but naval training is a joke. It should be the other way around.


I believe it is management and human factors. Israel have a conscript army, highly technological and needs to teach a huge number of people each year. At another level it might be a negative sign of how , education and politics, quangos are driving society in UK – i extend this to most of Western Europe. With many young going to work for social services, management and managemend and politics I think the society incentives in West today are not healthy and we lack many core competencies, it seems we are even interested and making mediocrity a standard in name… Read more »


Untwist your knickers for a second. They are providing the ‘synthetic’ training. I read that as in they will provide the simulator training for the Navy and the systems that support them .

Israel are not training our Naval Officers ASW techniques.


Probably Royal Navy asks them how the best way to teach X and they prototype with their consoles or applications. I speculate they already have advanced tools to make teaching applications.

Trevor G

Where Harold??

Daniele Mandelli

Out back having lunch.


He will be here, once his meds kick in…..


Or as they wear off judging by his comments.