Two Italian Air Force Eurofighter aircraft currently conducting NATO’s enhanced Air Policing in Romania were launched by Combined Air Operations Centre at Torrejón, Spain, for the first time since they arrived Mihail Kogalniceanu Air Base in early May 2019.

Within minutes the fighter aircraft took off in response to an unidentified aircraft flying near NATO airspace over the Black Sea international waters.

According to the Alliance:

“The fighters established a routine pattern in the vicinity to be able to respond if needed to safeguard the integrity of NATO airspace. When the aircraft left the area the Italian Eurofighters safely returned to their temporary home base at Constanta, Romania. This professional and timely response underlines NATO is  ready and responsive at any time.

This is a standard procedure usually performed by the Romanian Air Force fighters in similar situations. On Thursday, the Italian Eurofighters cooperated with Bulgarian MiG-29 which were also launched by the Combined Air Operations Centre.”
The Italian contribution to NATO’s enhanced Air Policing mission showcases Allied solidarity providing collective security, say NATO.
“Flying alongside Romanian Air Force military aircraft who regularly conduct Air Policing over their country, the Italian Eurofighters have conducted approximately 150 flying hours training with Allies during the first month of their deployment.”
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