A man accused of endangering RAF jets by shining a powerful torch at them has has been found guilty.

The man had previously told a jury flights could be “unbelievably loud”.

He will be sentenced in August.

John Arthur Jones told Mold Crown Court “things got bad” with jets flying in and out of RAF Valley in 2007. Mr Jones, who owns properties in Bodfordd, said he wrote to the base commander in 2010 to raise concerns. He denies 13 charges of endangering aircraft between November 2013 and September 2014.

RAF Pilots also told a jury how they had to abandon landings at Mona airfield after being distracted by lights being shone at their planes. Mold Crown Court was told that pilots were carrying out vital checks in readiness for a safe landing and if any were missed because they were distracted or blinded then it could be dangerous.

The court was told that pilots were instructed not to fly directly over defendant John Arthur Jones property near the airfield on Anglesey to prevent antagonism.

Squadron Leader Paul Harrison, of RAF Valleyโ€™s 208 Squadron, told the trial that on November 28, 2013, an incident occurred during a night flying sortie with another pilot in a Hawk jet.

“It appears we were being illuminated by a powerful torch. It was following us and was on us for four to five seconds. It was pointed directly at us and remained on us.”

Flight Lieutenant Tom Saul told the jury that he was conducting a night time sortie with a student and he was in the rear seat of a Hawk when he noticed the wing starting to glow orange.

“It was a bright white light which was obviously following us.”



  1. I wish I was a pilot. I’d love to take my Typhoon supersonic right above Bodfordd at 4 in the morning! Come to think of it, that’s probably partly why I’m not a pilot…

  2. Another Brain dead fool who would be the first to complain if things went wrong for our country, Grow up man!!


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