Watch as Ex-Royal Marines Reservist Richard Browning flies a 1000bhp jetpack suit off of HMS Queen Elizabeth.

Browning started up his company ‘Gravity Industries’ in 2017, and has been showing off his jet suit since then. The suit uses six tiny jet engines — two mounted on the wearer’s back, with an additional two mounted on each arm — which allows the user to fly through the air in a controlled flight.

The Jet Suit Specifications

  • Power; 1050bhp
  • Turbines; 5
  • RPM; 120,000
  • Fuel; Jet A1 or Diesel
  • Dry weight; 27kg
  • Flight time; 5-10 minutes
  • Current speed record; 32mph
  • Altitude limit; 12,000ft
gravity experience
Image via Gravity Industries.

Currently, noise and flight time (or lack thereof) make these suits impractical for use in military service, sadly. Plus, the suit sells for $440,000…

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Daniele Mandelli

Love the 2 seater black Harrier.


Ah, a Harrier T4. Certainly looks very smart in black. Love the curves!


We can radically increase the number of ‘aircraft’ the QE class can field if we equip the Marines compliment with jet packs.

Daniele Mandelli

New role for 40 Commando?

The Jetpack Commando.
Can they lob grenades while aloft? 😉

Steve R

Will probably end up a cheaper replacement for our F35s: marines with jetpacks, grenades and an SA80!


That is just the most fantastic headline! 😀


Was that Hms qe?


Nice Harrier, we still have a few RN harriers at Culdrose don’t we, or is it Yeovil, anyway I hope they don’t chop them up!


At the last count, there’s 14 Sea Harriers at Culdrose, including a rather fetching black T8.

All form part of the School of Flight Deck Operations, which includes 4 mock F35 airframes, prototype Merlins and I believe some retired Sea Kings.

Daniele Mandelli

What do they need to make them flyable?
They can still taxi I believe on the mock carrier deck.


They can still taxi and as you can imagine, still chuck out one hell of a racket. The physical moving and taxiing of aircraft, multiple airframes (rotary and fixed wing) as well as the noise generated is all part of the training, partly due to the reduced communications this entails. You probably already know, but the dummy flight deck is based on an Invincible class carrier, minus the ski-jump (though it is recreated in 2D). The four F35 airframes were locally built and are similar to the replica airframes you see on poles as gate guardians. They’ contain large water… Read more »


I forgot to add:

RNAS Culdrose/Predannack Airfield is must see for anyone who likes older airframes. The requirement for flightdeck training and rescue operations has seen a variety of older airframes preserved at Culdrose, such as Wessex, Sea King and Lynx. The ones at Predannack are sadly in a state of disrepair and open to the elements, but includes a Jaguar among others.

HMS Sultan has a fair whack of old airframes too.

Daniele Mandelli

Morning Lusty.

Thanks for a most interesting post. I was indeed aware of SOFDO and the dummy deck, but not that level of detail you described regarding the Sea Harriers or the F35 mock ups. Filled with water! Well well.

I have snooped around Predannack. I recall seeing a Dominie. I think that area is used for fire fighting training.

Curious about the 2 taken to St Athan? Any guesses as to why?


The 2 that were sold and taken to St Athan are for a return to flight project.


You’re most welcome.

I’m not too sure what’s planned for them. Both have been re-registered on the civilian register. It’s much rumoured that they’ll be used for taxiing demonstrations or even to airworthy status.

I don’t hold much hope, but it would be nice to see.

andy reeves

i’ve always believed british intuity could have come up with a new model harrier with changes that negated its former failings the harriers at culdrose are almost a full squadron. despite the aircraft shortcomings they could still act as a stopgap while ‘hank the yank’ pulls his fingers out and gets ours built we’ve got two carriers a barely a squadron to put on them would EMALS take off system be fitted on the q.e class?, cheaper than a coventonal catapult system i don’t think there has been an arrestor system designed to go with it. sadly the length of… Read more »


Aah that last line made sense of what was confusing me about your comments about flight deck length and the f18 which has been able to operate off the CdG’s shorter one. I see the US is developing a new simplified arrestor system, don’t know if it would be piscine to fit it to QE if it was eventually to get EMALS. Mind you I thought Trump was trying to get EMALS junked.


Visited the Fleet Air Museum at Yeovilton a couple of years ago and was surprised to 4 Sea Harrier just over the fence. They were clearly in good nick.

Couldn’t work what they were doing there until I saw the first series of Britain’s Biggest Warship. I think they were the onces that the Navy were using to train the aricraft handlers for the QEC.

andy reeves

i wasn’t as impressed as i hoped i would be when ‘big lizzie entered pompey with an empty deck selling those 72 perfectly operational aircraft to the americans was just typical of the u.k procurement . the whole kaboosh should be shut down as being not fit for purpose


I want one. Would improve my commute.


I’m pretty sure he hit 85mph (setting a new World Record) the other day didn’t he?


He was in Brighton last week, now off the coast of the US somewhere. Possibly an effective way of ship-ship transport rather than using a chopper with associated costs? Easy to learn to do, safety, risk? Interesting anyway. Was this a formal trial or just a bit of PR?


I would of thought headline hunting. The Navy is milking the QEC for all they can at the moment. Good luck to them!


He also was part of the Iron Man program that Adam Savage presented. Where they tried to recreate a working Iron man suit out of 3D printed titanium. Adam couldn’t get the knack of hovering, so Richard donned the suit. Despite the extra weight he managed to take off and fly around a parking lot, sadly didn’t do the hero landing though!

andy reeves

maybe better without the ski jump

andy reeves

should we cancel the f 35 and just buy a few hundred of these?


I was flying along until I had an awful itch on my nose I had to scratch!


Itchy nose…..thank god it wasn’t elsewhere!


I know this is seen as a bit fun and a curiosity, but it will be interesting to see where this technology will be in the next decade and if it can be adapted to a practical military application.

Also very interested to know what the RCS of a section soldiers using these compared to a helicopter.


Ames Bond will have one!