The first Container Systems have left Marshall on their way to the Netherlands as part of the multi million pound DVOW contract awarded to Marshall Aerospace and Defence Group by the Dutch Defence Materiel Organisation (DMO) at the end of 2018.

The firm say that the units are part of the major Dutch Defensiebrede Vervanging Operationele Wielvoertuigen programme, or DVOW, to update the Dutch Armed Forces with new vehicles, containers and support equipment. These initial warehouse units will be used to train operators in handling the containerised systems and to fulfil a training commitment for their vehicles.

Programme Manager Kol ir. L.J. Jacobs said:

“Marshall has worked hard to meet our requirements not only in terms of quality but also delivery times and fulfilling an early commitment to support our driver training programme, this gives us real confidence that they will keep to the programme over the next five years,”

Alistair McPhee, Chief Executive of Marshall Aerospace and Defence Group said:

“We are delighted to be delivering these container systems only seven months after the contract was awarded, this is a tremendous effort by our Land Systems team demonstrating their agility to respond to customer requirements and their innovation in developing a rapid development and manufacturing programme for these containerised systems.”

The units will be used after training for warehousing and are the first of the 1400 container systems being delivered over the next five years.

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1400 is a fair amount of container systems, good load of work for Marshall. Marshal aerospace is over 100 years old now, these guys have some amazing achievements including Concordes Droop Nose and Visor, amazing.
It’s good to know we do actually have some good old British aerospace company’s left.?????


Any idea what this container system involves? Or is it literally shipping containers painted green


There is more info around what they are supplying on their website
The Dutch are paying for what is inside the containers rather than just the exterior shell painted green.


Yeah Marshall will be providing more than 1400 container systems over the next five years. These include command and control shelters, workshops, controlled atmosphere and basic stores units, together with a 14 year fully integrated availability support package. As part of the design work Marshall is providing a new expandable container which uses lighter materials but maintains the strength of its in-service Matrix Expandable products.


Having a think about containers and our time on Afghan, 8 44ft containers specially configured to be lifted into position by Chinooks into a fort would be a great capability.

Especially if the turrets in the corners (containers standing on their ends) had automated 30mm guns for suppression.

We really shouldn’t get into a position again of putting our guys into situations that they cannot defend properly, as happened in Afghanistan

Simon Cooke

I think the RAF could do with converting a few C130 to Predator Gunships