A number of Hawk jets are currently over the North Sea near Hull conducting aggressor training.

This massive ‘dogfight’ is designed to simulate enemy forces and provide essential training to the RAF front-line units.

The BAe Hawk T.1 is used in a number of roles for the RAF. In this instance, the aircraft are being used by 100 Squadron, based at RAF Leeming, in the ‘aggressor’ role.

This role involves simulating enemy forces and providing essential training to the RAF front-line units. According to the Royal Air Force website:

“The Hawk T1 is used primarily in the aggressor role by 100 Squadron, who provide opposition forces for front-line training in addition to Close Air Support (CAS) simulation to Land units for currency training. The Hawk T1 is equipped to an operational standard and is capable of undertaking a war role. It has two underwing pylons cleared to carry AIM-9L Sidewinder air-to-air missiles or a telemetry pod for recording missions to enable post-flight debriefing. In the CAS training role it can carry up to eight 3Kg practice bombs.”

In addition, Dassault Falcon 20 EW operated by Draken International are present. Below is a tweet from a previous exercise explaining how these aircraft operate.

Typically in many scenarios, Hawk jets support Dassault Falcon 20DC aircraft acting as long-range anti-ship bombers.

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Captain P Wash

Was watching a couple of Coningsby Typhoons and a couple of Falcons in the skies above Yeovilton yesterday. Went on for over an hour 18,000 ft mostly. There seems to be a fair bit going on recently, had an Atlas and Hawks join in for a bit too.


Yesterday morning, two F15s flew over Abergavenny heading westward.


No much happening at present around Hull. I can see one Typhoon and a number of Grobs. Must have all gone back for lunch.

captain p wash

Got an RJ70 overhead at the moment in Cider Land !


Dunno if you know about this site: https://globe.adsbexchange.com/
You can see all aircraft flying around the world, in real time. If you select ‘U’ then you can get just military a/c.

I spend too much time on the adsb exchange site!

https://www.flightradar24.com is another site…

john melling

Nice to see the HAWKs being given some exercise
A vastly underused asset, just for training
And as stated above it is capable of light combat

My binoculars cant see from Preston ;P

Captain P Wash

Hawks are always up in these parts….. Been watching them for Decades now over Chivenor and Yeovilton…… It’s even nicer to see the Typhoons though.


In the air constantly up here in North Yorkshire


George – why is my earlier post still ‘Awaiting for approval’? Don’t understand.

Glass Half Full

I’m not George but did your post include more than one link? That used to do it for me.


Yes, it did. Two. I’m sure I’ve seen multiple links on the site, from others but may be wrong. Thanks for the clue.Still not heard from George.


Hear that there using Typhoons in the Aggression role can’t remember SQN but known there in a black colour scheme ,seen the odd photo .Would of like to seen them in camouflage like the wildcat .

Daniele Mandelli

IX (B)


only 1 “The Black Knight” Typhoon – apparently some high heid yun didn’t like it & quashed the further roll out of the scheme …

Daniele Mandelli

Oh! Didn’t know, thanks for the update.


Thanks mate


The RN has been using Hawks and Falcons out of Culdrose and Yeovilton for many years as part of the air defence package on Thursday Wars and other FOST serials that happen in the South Coast Exercise Areas. The Falcons can simulate just about any airborne radar be it search or missile. The Falcon can do a Mirage or Etandard radar that pops up setting off the EW set. It then turns in with a Hawk flying in close and low, switches to an exocet search signal and lets the Hawk tank in for the missile homing part of an… Read more »

Captain P Wash

Great post mate.


Remember when I was 15 visiting the F A A museum ,seen Canberra bombers and Hunters flying from Yeovilton.

Daniele Mandelli


Here is not so sunny Surrey we have nothing but Chinooks!! And the occasional Merlin.

Would be great living in one of the dedicated LFA’s for jets.

Captain P Wash

they are always up around here mate… we have all sorts, including those private jets with various equipment … can’t recall them.

Captain P Wash

They are contracted to provide different test equipment which gets fitted to suit.

Daniele Mandelli

You mean the ones at ETPS?

captain p wash

Ermmm, yes, that’s them…… mate.

Daniele Mandelli

Not sure to be honest. I know they had an RJ70 as you mentioned above but don’t know the others off hand.

I’m more familiar with the ETPS BAC111 and Andover days!


Living near Leeming, a couple of miles away we see Hawks all day on most days. But this week there have been Hunters (Hunter Aviation out of Scampton ?) about coming in from the coast. And doing fast runs over Leeming before departing. Something to do with the dog fight ?


Some years back work at learning bar on the new industrial estate use to enjoy watching the Hawks fly in and out and the odd Typhoon,Tornado,Helicopters etc.Would of love to seen Hunters.


Sorry Leeming bar yes gone .