MBDA say it has been awarded a first contract for Albatros NG, a brand new CAMM-ER based air defence system.

This first order, from an undisclosed international customer, marks a “further validation of the wide appeal of the CAMM air defence family on the global marketplace and paves the way to further acquisitions by the same customer and other Navies”, say the firm.

Albatros NG is a new generation Naval Based Air Defence (NBAD) system, based on the CAMM-ER, which is the extended range variant of the Common Anti-air Modular Missile (CAMM) family already delivered to customers around the world for both ground based and naval air defence.

“Albatros NG, deriving its name from the legacy Albatros systems which have been in service with the Italian Navy and several export customers for years, is suitable for different kinds of vessels providing air defence capability for platforms ranging from patrol vessels and corvettes to destroyers. It also allows a complementary layer for larger vessels such as frigates and destroyers already equipped with a long range air defence system. It can be easily integrated, without significant changes, in the ships’ design; its Command & Control (C2) is designed to enable flexible integration with both new and existing naval Combat Management Systems (CMS).

The CAMM-ER missile is capable of providing self and local area defence against the evolving airborne threat at ranges exceeding 40km; it will be integrated in the new ground based air defence systems for the Italian Army and Italian Air Force. CAMM family systems have already been delivered to the British Army, to the Royal Navy and to several export nations.

Air defence systems utilising the CAMM and CAMM-ER missiles can provide armed forces with advanced protection against the ever-evolving air threat, including manned and unmanned aircraft, precision guided munitions, terrain-following/sea-skimming missiles, and low radar cross section (RCS) targets; all in the presence of the latest countermeasures.”

Under the terms of this recent order, Albatros NG will be in service in 2024.

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Mark F

I wonder when the B1B finally retires it will be thought of as fondly as the Vulcan is today?


That was one of my favourite aircraft to call a strike in with. Large weapons load and a long time on station.

Mark Franks

The best aircraft in the inventory with a full load out for sure. Watching them drop a line of sticks was out of this world.


Whenever, you called in a JDAM, they used to ask: “our you sure?”, then keep your head down and watch the splash.


One assumes that this is on the back of the “Partnering” contract MBDA have with MOD and others.
Great to see collaborative working and sharing actually bearing fruit.

Paul T

I’ll take a stab in the dark that the First Customer is the Marina Militare,seeing that their First PPA (Full) comes into Service in 2024.


No. This is not Italy since the contract is placed to MBDA-Italy and it is said to be a foreign navy.



Naval News comments:
The Albatros NG customer could be the Brazilian Navy for its future Tamandaré-class frigate.

My note: Brazilians updated their British 70’s Vosper designed Niteroi frigates with original Albatros in 2000’s