MBDA say it has successfully demonstrated the use of the Mistral missile against fast boats.

The firm say that a number of foreign delegations attended the demonstration firing that was performed from a SIMBAD-RC automated naval turret firing from the land against a fast moving remotely-controlled semi-rigid boat more than 3 kilometres off the coast.

The scenario was intended to be representative of the self-protection of a vessel against an asymmetric threat (commando or terrorist attack).

“In its latest version currently in service with the French armed forces, the Mistral is an air defence missile equipped with an imaging infrared seeker with advanced image processing capabilities that allow it to engage low thermal signature targets from a long distance (such targets include UAVs, missiles and fast boats), whilst at the same time offering excellent resistance to countermeasures.

The SIMBAD-RC is a remotely-controlled very short range naval air defence system that provides highly efficient capacities against a wide range of threats, from combat aircraft through anti-ship missiles to small-sized threats such as UAVs.”

MBDA is constantly striving to help armed forces make optimum use of their investments in our products”, said MBDA CEO Antoine Bouvier.

“The demonstration of the SIMBAD-RC Mistral combination against surface targets reflects our policy of giving our systems additional capacities to supplement those they were originally designed to provide.”

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Cam Hunter
Cam Hunter (@guest_447684)
2 years ago

Does the vast majority of Royal Navy warships only rely on the 30mm DS30M Mark 2 gun as ship-protection system for fast atack craft at distance?

Gunbuster (@guest_447689)
2 years ago
Reply to  Cam Hunter

They have layers of defence.
Helo fitted with 50cal M3 . (Sea Venom will come in soon to replace the venerable but obsolete Sea Skua.)
4.5 Gun
Then you have 30mm
Phallanx if fitted with a FLIR to give it a surface capability. If not you can always aim and fire it from the LCC ( doable but no where near ideal)
More 50cals on the ship
7.62 Mini Guns
7.62 GPMG
and if Royal is onboard probably some LAWS and possibly a Javelin or 2.

Dom Hyde
Dom Hyde (@guest_447933)
2 years ago
Reply to  Gunbuster

Phalanx is 20mm. You’re thinking of Goalkeeper.

Chris J
Chris J (@guest_449654)
2 years ago
Reply to  Dom Hyde

I think GB is referring to the 30mm DS30M rather than the phalanx which is indeed 20mm.

Chris J
Chris J (@guest_449655)
2 years ago
Reply to  Dom Hyde

I think GB is referring to the 30mm DS30M rather than phalanx which is indeed 20mm.

Dom Hyde
Dom Hyde (@guest_447934)
2 years ago
Reply to  Gunbuster

The Phalanx fires 20mm shells. You might be thinking of Goalkeeper, firing the same ammunition as the A-10 Thunderbolt II. Those were on the Invincible class carriers, but are no longer in service, more’s the pity.

Bloke down the pub
Bloke down the pub (@guest_447693)
2 years ago
Reply to  Cam Hunter

There is a mounting available that allows the addition of Martlet missiles to the DS30 mount.
Sea Ceptor have also been touted as having an anti fast attack craft capability like Mistral, though that does sound an expensive option.

Rudeboy (@guest_447895)
2 years ago

Thats the MSI Seahawk Sigma. A great piece of kit, can also take Starstreak. Easy upgrade for the RN if they ever have the cash. Also a great way of getting additional capability on small vessels like the MCM fleet.

John Hampson
John Hampson (@guest_447726)
2 years ago

Spear 3 has been touted as an option. Something needs to be done. All RN vessels are inadequately armed. Type 45’s and 23’s are almost defenceless from an attack from the rear. The recent succesfull attack by Houthis on a Saudi frigate demonstrates the threat.

David (@guest_447844)
2 years ago
Reply to  John Hampson

I wholeheartedly agree John – our ships are woefully armed in general. I’m concerned that the Top Brass seem content to leave defence against swarm attack for the most part to a single Wildcat helo. What happens if it gets shot down or suffers mechanical failure? There was a test recently of Brimstone used against three fast attack boats – with 100% success. I would have thought this a more robust response to any fast attack boat attack and would get the message across not to mess with us. Fast attack boat attacks are something that could very well happen… Read more »

John Hampson
John Hampson (@guest_447915)
2 years ago
Reply to  David

David. I suggested Spear 3 because it has a much greater range and bigger warhead. Increases the flexibility of the system. Its anti ship as well as fast boat capability could allow the main gun to be replaced by a system that provides a much greater anti missile defence gun. Maybe a twin turret 57mm or 76mm with intelligent shells. With Brahmos 11 etc, maybe a wall of steel is the only way to stop hypersonic missiles. Phalanx CWIS cannot provide the amount of projectiles required. If a nation is going to put people in harms way it has a… Read more »

Daniele Mandelli
Daniele Mandelli (@guest_447749)
2 years ago

Isnt this what our LMM “Martlet ” will provide from our Wildcats?

Rokuth (@guest_447880)
2 years ago

I find it kind of ironic that the last time there was a “Martlet” in service with the FAA, it was the British name for the Grumman F4F “Wildcat.”