Two Hunt class ship crews are the new ship’s company of HMS Tyne whose own sailors are to crew the new HMS Forth in order to bring the vessel into service.

According to the Royal Navy, under Project Jicara, two crews from Portsmouth’s 2nd Mine Countermeasures Squadron will join the Fishery Protection Squadron to man and operate one of the River-class vessels while their own Hunt class ships are out of action undergoing major engine changes.

Mine warfare expert LS ‘Eddie’ Edmonson said: “Pretty much the entirety of a mine warfare rating’s career is spent in minehunters operating in the Gulf. This is a great opportunity for me and the other lads to do something different, expand our skills and maybe get a run ashore somewhere different.”

He and his crewmates will be in charge of Tyne until the end of the year, when they’ll return to the mine world, MCM2 Crew 7 (currently aboard HMS Ledbury) will take over HMS Mersey, allowing the latter’s crew to move onboard HMS Trent.

We’re awaiting comment from the Royal Navy on this, we will update when possible.


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Mr Bell

Royal navy manpower shortage.
The RN asked for 3000-5000 personnel to be added back to its strength in SDSR 2015, They got 300. Conservatives strong on defence, i do not think so!


Too True! What’s most distressing is ‘subs with no missiles’ Labour is even worse… Remember Dems half responsible for 2010 SDSR disaster and no better now. Worst political climate for military in my lifetime ☠️


I don’t know about all this really There are circa 22k sailors in the navy and 75-82 ships – an average ship has a crew of 150 people so there is easily 2 crews for each ship available. Surely each sailor should be given a shore role and a ship role and swap between on 6/9 month Rita’s. I know this is a bit simplistic but actually I think a review of working practices is needed but it is also clear that they do need more people (probably 6k) if they are going to make it a career choice for… Read more »


Rota (spell checker erro)


Don’t forget that we have 75 Commodore and 38 Admirals which is more than enough to crew an OPV.

Mr Bell

The RN does need to cut its top brass. For its size it probably only needs 5-7 admirals and a max of 15 commodores.
Too top heavy. More Admirals then warships. Mind you the MOD is the same too heavy in senior administrators. Could save a lot of money every year by cutting the numbers back.