Eleven staff members from the Ministry of Defence have been sacked in the past two years for expenses fraud.

According to a response to a Freedom of Information request, the MoD investigated 378 breaches of expenses policy. The MoD has 200,000 employees including military, reserves and civilian staff.

A spokesman said:

“The vast majority of investigations found that there were errors made in submitting expenses, rather than fraud. Cases of fraud are rare but we run a proactive programme of work to detect potential fraud and error within our travel claims system.”

According to ForcesTV here:

New figures show the MoD topped a list of six government departments that have launched investigations into expenses fraud, according to freedom of information requests.

The department investigated 378 breaches of expenses policy, the vast majority of which were errors, while fewer than five staff were prosecuted in relation to fraudulent claims.

The MoD said cases of fraud were rare and it had rigorous checks in place to catch those cheating the system.

Former defence minister, Kevan Jones said:

“The high number of serious incidents of false claims, particularly within the Ministry of Defence, which is facing a budget shortfall, is concerning.”

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Important to stamp out to sustain confidence. Sums however will be inconsequential.


A drop in the ocean in comparison to the senior civil servants approving skewed defense contracts in favor of the contractor before taking senior positions well said contractors. I’m sure BAE is full of them and Leonardo, General Dynamics UK won’t be much different.
Has the Panther command and liaison vehicle or whatever it’s called been deployed anywhere yet?


Eleven is not that bad. It would interesting to know how this compares with other departments and MPs.

Geoffrey Roach

I wonder how much the MOD building would be worth on the open market! SAVINGS!!

Daniele Mandelli

Seems simple and I know you are joking, but in all seriousness the issue is not finding alternate office accommodation but the cost of moving/ replacing the DCMC beneath Main Building. So selling it is a non starter!