NATO Defence Ministers concluded a two-day meeting to prepare for the upcoming Washington Summit in July, focusing on strengthening NATO’s deterrence and defence and supporting Ukraine, according to a press release from NATO.

Ministers agreed on a plan for NATO to lead the coordination of security assistance and training for Ukraine.

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg stated, “This will allow NATO leaders to launch this effort at the Washington Summit in July, putting our support to Ukraine on a firmer footing for years to come.”

The coordination will be managed from Wiesbaden, Germany, with nearly 700 personnel from Allied and partner nations involved.

The effort includes training, equipment donations, logistical support, and the long-term development of Ukraine’s Armed Forces. Stoltenberg emphasized, “These efforts do not make NATO a party to the conflict, but they will enhance our support to Ukraine to uphold its right to self-defence.”

Defence ministers also discussed response options for Russia’s hostile actions against Allies, agreeing on measures such as increased intelligence exchange, enhanced protection of critical infrastructure (including undersea and cyber space), and further restrictions on Russian intelligence operatives.

Stoltenberg reiterated, “Russia’s campaign will not deter us from supporting Ukraine, and we will continue to protect our territories and populations against any kind of hostile actions.”

In addition to support for Ukraine, ministers focused on new NATO defence plans, translating these into concrete requirements for forces and capabilities needed to defend Allies.

Stoltenberg noted, “Allies are offering forces to NATO’s command at a scale not seen in decades. Today we have 500,000 troops at high readiness across all domains, significantly more than the goal that was set at the 2022 Madrid Summit.”

He added that Allies are investing in key capabilities, with plans to acquire thousands of air defence and artillery systems, 850 modern aircraft (mostly 5th generation F-35s), and other high-end capabilities over the next five years.

NATO is also investing over 1 billion dollars in the NATO Innovation Fund and discussed a new Defence Industrial Pledge to scale up military production and strengthen long-term cooperation with industry.

In a meeting of the Nuclear Planning Group, defence ministers discussed the ongoing adaptation of NATO’s nuclear capabilities. Stoltenberg stated, “We are a nuclear Alliance – committed to being responsible and transparent. But clear in our resolve to preserve peace, prevent coercion, and deter aggression.”

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George has a degree in Cyber Security from Glasgow Caledonian University and has a keen interest in naval and cyber security matters and has appeared on national radio and television to discuss current events. George is on Twitter at @geoallison
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Geoff Roach
Geoff Roach (@guest_827190)
16 days ago

Really good news. A co ordinared NATO approach, both industrial and miltary, will define not only the Russian threat but is also a signal to the other nation thugs in the world.

FormerUSAF (@guest_827207)
16 days ago
Reply to  Geoff Roach

Really do hope that EU/NATO/US bureaucracies are giving thought to longer term funding for UKR conflict. Understand that there is an agreement in principle to use interest on frozen Orc assets to underwrite a $50B loan to UKR, clearly a beneficial first step, but also insufficient. Predict that, regardless of US election results, securing additional aid for UKR will be at least as tortuous as the CY24 exercise. The Europeans may bridge some of the shortfall, but recent EU election results may be a harbinger of future aid trends from multiple EU governments. Admittedly limited perspective, but do not foresee… Read more »

Geoff Roach
Geoff Roach (@guest_827230)
16 days ago
Reply to  FormerUSAF

In history the Russian people have always been a peasant people and you are right. Losses mean nothing to the heirarchyif it suits the needs of the politburo. After all, under communism everyone is equal, just some more equal than others!. It has always been. I like your idea of a “fine” every year(?) on a iven date. Back off or another £500 B goes. If we hit the bosses even better. As for politics goodness knows what is going to happen. Europe is a shambles with Germany and France in real trouble. Meanwhile the U.K. is likely to elect… Read more »

Palaboran (@guest_827208)
16 days ago
Reply to  Geoff Roach

Absolutely. NATO threatening nuclear should stop Putin’s reference to them.

Geoff Roach
Geoff Roach (@guest_827231)
16 days ago
Reply to  Palaboran

Just being capable is enough. Bullies don’t attack the strong. 🙂

Mr Bell
Mr Bell (@guest_827265)
16 days ago
Reply to  Geoff Roach

Putin and his henchmen know their military wouldn’t last 4 weeks in a concerted NATO counter attack. Therefore they threaten and bluster their nuclear capability, knowing damn well NATO can match that capability and any use of nuclear weapons would result in a similarly destructive counter. So that leaves conventional forces. If NATO genuinely can muster 500,000 personnel at short notice to deploy with approx 2 million more able to be deployed within 6-8 weeks that is a huge over powering advantage that Russia simply cannot match. Putin is not stupid he will do everything in his power to avoid… Read more »

Geoff Roach
Geoff Roach (@guest_827649)
14 days ago
Reply to  Mr Bell

I agree. There is a lot of press hysteria at the moment about “the third world war”. I don’t see it. As you say , if we are resolute Putin would have to commit his country to a war they cannot win. My concern in part is that it will be the U.K. that wobbles. We shall soon see.