26 NATO Allies and 13 partners are currently participating in exercise Vigorous Warrior 2019.

The exercise is NATO’s largest medical exercise in its history. Held in Romania, the exercise brings together more than 2,500 participants and offers a unique opportunity to test medical responses to military incidents, from small arms fire to radiation exposure.

Vigorous Warrior 19 is NATO’s biggest military-medical exercise so far. It allows all 39 participating NATO and partner nations to exercise together in a realistic Article 3 and 5 scenario, provide a never-before-seen opportunity to train along civilian assets, and the experiences we gather during the exercise will inform NATO’s medical realm for years to come,” said Colonel Dr. Laszlo Fazekas, Director of the NATO Centre of Excellence for Military Medicine.

The Vigorous Warrior exercise series is organised by the NATO Centre of Excellence for Military Medicine together with a different host nation every two years.

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Mr Bell

Maybe the NHS should ask for NATOs support. One of the least funded health services in the developed world and desperately short of nurses, doctors, beds, capacity, lowest number of CT scanners and MRIs per capita in Europe after Romania and Bulgaria etc.
Today’s papers were right at least a quarter of NHS wards are dangerously understaffed the other 3 quarters are probably on the cusp of being dangerously understaffed.
Really bad. We have the infrastructure and public services for a nation of 30 million not 66 million.


Sadly you’re right, and under staffing becomes a difficult hole to climb out of. In a case where it is widely known how understaffed hospitals are it must be difficult to encourage young people to enter the medical professions (nurses, doctors etc) when they know that when they qualify and start working they are likely to be subject to extreme workloads not to mention lots of other stresses due to equipment and bed shortages.

Daniele Mandelli

How about building 7 regional nurses colleges, Scotland, Wales, NI, South, East, North, West, and paying Nurses really well?

And how about stopping increasing the UK’s population by 1.2 million every 4 years!! On top of the ageing population, and public services cuts.

No wonder the NHS is struggling.

Mad Murdoch

All this is true, but really there is no excuse for specialists on £250k a year to be cancelling, rescheduling or keeping an NHS patient waiting, while they see to their private patient first on NHS time. Are we this desperate? How was it possible a convicted armed robber was running a hospital? While funding and politics are an issue, one wonders who really is in charge.


Sorry, I’m quite young, but I don’t understand how we have the 5th highest GDP in the world yet our money is disappearing into thin air. Where is it going? It’s not ALL being spent on foreign aid…


I don’t know how to delete a comment…