NATO Defence Ministers met by secure video conference to decide the Alliance’s next steps in the fight against Covid-19.

Speaking after the meeting, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said, “The crisis has shown that our nations are resilient and united. Our militaries are already playing a key role in support of national civilian effort. And using NATO mechanisms, Allies have been helping each other to save lives.

NATO’s Supreme Allied Commander Europe, General Tod Wolters, is coordinating military support to deal with the virus.

The Alliance say that this includes matching requests for support with offers from Allies and partners, and coordinating NATO’s unique strategic airlift capability, which is delivering hundreds of tons of urgently needed equipment to where it is needed quickly and efficiently.

Ministers discussed the importance of countering increasing levels of disinformation and propaganda by state and non-state actors.

“Allies are working closely together to identify, monitor and expose these lies. Ministers also considered the long-term implications of the crisis for NATO, its operations and its core mission to protect its almost one billion citizens. NATO is committed to ensuring this health crisis does not develop into a security crisis by maintaining a strong deterrence and defence.”

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Daniele Mandelli

Interesting that Sweden is there, though not a NATO member.

I know they contribute to allied ops generally.

Perhaps they should be full members?

The Czech is the only one to wear a mask, which is compulsory in Czech Republic I believe.

Mark B

Sweden like their neutral stance which is fair enough.

Everyone will appreciate this virus does not understand the concept of neutrality. So is it everyone against a common foe?

Daniele Mandelli

Yeah fair comment Mark.


One mulls whether NATO will put increased focus on China due to this.
I appreciate lots of people are saying the virus wasn’t ‘man made’ in the Wuhan lab, but I haven’t read anyone defending the lab against an accidental release of this naturally occurring virus. Further more if the virus did come from the wet markets the international response to get them shutdown has been somewhat muted thus far.

Mark B

It might be too early to be discussing such things?

China will suffer along with everyone else if there is a global slowdown. The world must unite in order to put ourselves back on track. Perhaps we should judge China in the light of not only what they allowed to happen but also what if anything they do to put it right.


Indeed, the Chinese economy just contracted over 6%, the first time it has ever shrank, and that’s with Chinese figures with sectors missing, expect that to be way higher

Mark B

Good to hear NATO’s position. Nations need to work together.