The NSPA (NATO Support and Procurement Agency) say they have successfully implemented a multi-million dollar contract for the upgrade of the Iceland Air Defence System’s Long Range Air Surveillance Radars.

The upgrade includes a technology update to the radar signal and data processing groups, extending the system’s life span by eliminating obsolescence and improving supportability. In addition, the capability of the radars is enhanced to meet the most current requirements for air surveillance systems in NATO air operations.

The upgraded radars meet NATO’s Military Requirements for Surface-to-Air Identification.

The NSPA, through its Communications, Air and Missile Defence Programme, provides life cycle management, technical and logistics support services for the NATO Integrated Air and Missile Defence System’s (NATINAMDS) Early Warning Sensors.

The organisation say that this is the second major upgrade project of this magnitude managed by the Agency upon formal tasking from a NATO member.

“Interested Nations can benefit from the experience and high-level expertise that NSPA has gained in this domain.”

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Recent activity from Russia suggests that this is a very necessary and welcome NATO effort. Iceland is quite a big island with a tiny population being slight over 1/3 the land mass of the UK with a population of about 360,000. That’s less than the population of Bristol!

Given it’s location Iceland is a key member of NATO, given its proximity to our sea lanes. Iceland is the perfect explempar for how Geography can impart great geopolitical importance to a nation state regardless of its capabilities or intentions…

Cheers CR

Daniele Mandelli

Red Storm Rising….I think of it whenever Iceland gets a mention!


Great book, read years ago. 🙂

The Hunt for Red October is a great lesson in ASW as well. Mr Clancy allegedly spent time in custody because of the detail in the book…

Cheers CR.


Improved air surveilance, good but can we have a modern sosus system back on Iceland?