Aircraft Carrier Prince of Wales has taken a major step forward following the delivery of fuel.

DE&S was responsible for providing fuel for trials. Jason Marshall, Head of the Marine Systems Group said:

“This was a complex evolution to deliver 18 road tanker loads of fuel to the ship across a number of days. Working closely with our industry colleagues in the Aircraft Carrier Alliance and our fuel suppliers we have been able to complete the activity on time to support commissioning of the fuel system.”

According to a Royal Navy release:

“POs Martin Hill and Handyside influenced the scheduling of commissioning the ship’s equipment, which will allow the ship’s company to maintain and monitor fuel from the word go.

The first batch of fuel passed the RN’s vigorous testing routine; a sample was shown to the services engineer officer Lt Stuart Geary who uttered the words all tankies want to hear: “Clear and Bright” – that’s a verbal ‘thumbs up’ that the fuel is good to use in the ship’s engines.

The other main test conducted is a filtration test where fuel is timed as it passes through a filter; the faster it passes through, the cleaner it is.

PO Handyside confirmed that the fuel passed this test as well.  As a belt-and-braces approach a sample is also sent away for final analysis by a laboratory, whose experts advise the RN on the chemical make-up of the fuel.”

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When is she due to go on sea trials then?


I believe she’s due to be handed over to the Royal navy next year and then commissioned in 2020. I think this is so PoW can take over general class sea trials while QE goes into refit ahead of her first deployment.


I presume the refit of QE is more just a check over and lick of paint here and there? I wouldn’t of thought much would need doing on a 3 year old ship that’s had very light use!


Refit? Seriously?


I think this is quite normal for the first ship in class. The lessons learned from the QE will already have been passed on to the POW. So the QE will then go to have alterations that the POW already has.


Almost any ship will find issues during trials indeed anyone who watch the 3 part documentary on QE shown recently about its first couple weeks will see the sort of issues they come across. Clearly you don’t go back to sort every issue as they happen you sort many on a temporary basis and then you have a ‘refit’ at that point between the build up period (trials) and when she is truly part of the RN and going on deployments so that all found issues can be sorted or mods made based on experience. Thats perfectly natural and sensible… Read more »


The GRF is going in for a year refit and she hasn’t even gone anywhere but the neighborhood. Hopefully she’ll come out with the majority of problems fixed… Doubtful though. The Kennedy will probably be the first deployable of the class.



weapon(phalanx) fit


Where the refit taking place, Rosyth?

John West

Off topic – article in the Guardian today about the new Spanish subs, which had to be lengthened as they were too heavy, now won’t fit in the docks.

The first 2 subs will also be completed without AIP, using diesel instead with later retrofit.

First I’ve heard of it.

Bit worrying that 2 military partners (Germany with its listing ship, now Spain) are having major, and avoidable, errors with new kit

Are there articles in UKDJ about this?


Say what u want about MoD procurement but it can be worse elsewhere. Take the Astute class v the S80 class. The Mod managed to get a 7000 ton, nuclear powered submarine, delivered in 9 years at a cost of £1.4 billion. The Spanish a yet to get a 3000 ton conventional submarine delivered in 15 years at a cost of nearly £1 billion. The Mod may be bad but there are others who way worse.


Indeed. The British issues have to be taken in context. These are often very complex projects and although some were handled badly (Nimrod) others are pretty good. As you say, the Astute project has been great and so has the Carrier project. While the Germans and Spanish seem to be failing on pretty fundamental issues! I mean the least I expect of a sub is the ability to resurface!


Apparently the S80 isn’t even going to have the AIP fitted on the first two with estimated 2022 and 2024 launch dates. AIP’s first appearance is going to be in the third sub due for 2026 launch and then be retrofitted into the first two at the end of the decade (last paragraph here –

Stuff like this really does put some of our UK issues such as the T45 propulsion/power ones into context.


(Chris H) As usual a certain Twatter feed has it in context:


Im suprised UKDJ has not mentioned the planned exspansion of the Gurkhas yet, Janes Defence has.

Daniele Mandelli

Oh good spot.

The extra squadrons of RE, RLC and RS were already long announced, but not this “Specialised Infantry Battalion”

David Steeper

That’s great news. Hadn’t heard that.


Is this new Battalion going to be made up of Gurka ladies? I read they were allowing them to join. Makes me wonder what ‘specialised’ will mean in practice…….


The recruitment of women will be across all units of the Brigade. This new batallion (3 Royal Gurkha Rifles?) is being formed as a specialist infantry batallion (like 2Pwrr for example) to deploy overseas to help train foreign forces.


Since there is no new money, i assume if there is a new Batallion of Gurka’s, then there is going to be cuts else where?


One also has to consider that the major problem that did crop up with the Astutes was because they were cramming an over sized Nuclear propulsion system into them designed for the Trident subs. Thus at least it was a known compromise that they considered worth the risk on a cost basis. Overall it has been a great success and it is frustrating that while our issues are publicised in the national press foreign programmes unless they are coming into our service never get any press beyond the specialist press at best and even then at a far lesser prominence.… Read more »

Steve M

I have similar issues and my friends are in the Army themselves!


What you reckon, £1.32 a gallon? It’s what I pay. Or do they get a bulk discount? Pretty sure they’ll get a bulk discount, on reflection. I’m sure they get a good deal off BP or similar.


Hi there, hope all are well.
I first heard of this via a friend who lives in Spain, he mentioned this last week, and I gather this matter appears to be around for some time in local Spanish press.
Now to the matter in hand. It must be rather worring for those that wish to create a European military structured from the EU. Two countries now including Germany with issues. Good luck to them. Best keep away from them!


Sorry for clarity I’m referring to the Spanish subs.