A Russian aviation company has conducted a maiden flight of a new forward-swept wing trainer aircraft.

The SR-10 is two-seat forward-swept wing trainer aircraft. It was earlier reported that 16 are to be produced however this cannot be verified.

On December 25th, the SR-10 made its first flight at an airfield near Vorotynsk, in the Kaluga Region, sdelanounas.ru website reported. It is understood that an initial engineering model was presented at MAKS-2009 airshow but in the following years the project encountered financial problems.

It was also reported maximum takeoff weight is 2,700kg. The forward-swept wing aircraft can also be powered with either a Soviet design AI-25TLSh engine or a modern Russian-made AL-55 gas-turbine jet engine making it attractive to nations using such technology.


    • Meh. Soviet Union had one in 1946, google ‘Tsibin LL-3’. And Germany in 1944, it was Junkers Ju-287. So, 80’s is to late.

  1. it’s a trainer designed and built by a small company, apparently having the MiG-29 (and its’ derivatives) as a “target”. the designers claim the operating/training cost per hour is overall smaller compared to its’ competitors (without Yak-130 which is more advanced).
    in 2009 there was another rather weird looking trainer, “Black Raven”, next to SR-10.
    Now, for a trainer jet, it looks a lot better than Yak-152.


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