Typhoon jets blitz terrorists hiding in cave

On Monday, two Typhoon jets located Islamic State fighters sheltering in a cave.

First Japanese F-35A takes flight

The first Japan Air Self Defence Force F-35A has successfully completed its maiden flight.

Typhoons, Reapers bomb extremists in northern Iraq

Typhoon jets and Reaper remotely piloted aircraft were in combat over Iraq last week, engaging many Islamic State targets.

Gazelle helicopters to have lives extended to 2025

The Gazelle observation and utility helicopters are to remain in service until 2025 following news of a life extension programme.

A400M in austere runway trials

Videos and images show the A400M conducting trials from an austere landing strip at Woodbridge Airfield.

Reaper destroys anti-aircraft gun in Syria

A Reaper operated over south-eastern Syria, where it used a Hellfire to destroy an anti-aircraft gun mounted on a truck, around 40 miles north of Al Tanf.

Could this hypersonic aircraft one day support British troops?

BAE have showcased how they imagine the hypersonic aircraft that the British Armed Forces could one day be using to support its troops.

Airlander Airship crashes during tests

Airlander 10, the world's largest aircraft, has crashed during its second test flight.

Tornados, Reapers destroy rocket launchers and mortars

A Reaper and a pair of Tornados worked together near Qayyarah against a number of terrorist rocket and mortar teams.

Tornado aircraft attack heavy artillery south of Manbij

Tornado jets conducted armed reconnaissance patrols over Syria on Tuesday.



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