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B-2s conduct deployment to Pacific

Three B-2 Spirits bombers deployed from the US to Guam, in the US Pacific Command area of operations.

F-35C at sea for third round of trials

The USS George Washington welcomed the F-35C and a team of test pilots and engineers aboard to complete the third round of developmental testing.

Typhoon jets, Reaper drones destroy Islamic State artillery

Typhoon jets and Reapers covered Iraqi forces operating in northern Iraq last week with devastating results.

£184 million missile contract signed for British F-35 fleet

The Ministry of Defence has awarded a £184 million contract to equip the UK's new F-35 fleet with the latest ASRAAM air-to-air missile.

WATCH: F-35B launches from USS Wasp

Watch an F-35B launch from the USS Wasp during the first operational testing of air/ship integration at sea off the Eastern Seaboard of the USA.

A look at the Zephyr 8, Britain’s new surveillance aircraft

The UK has ordered two Zephyr 8 high-altitude pseudo-satellite aircraft from Airbus, let's take a closer look at what's being purchased.

Royal Navy to use ‘Unmanned Warrior’ to assess ScanEagle replacement

The Unmanned Warrior exercise will be used to examine options for the replacement of the ScanEagle drone, which will go out of service in late 2017.

Scorpion jet selected for British ASDOT bid

QinetiQ, Thales and Textron have announced they will offer the Scorpion jet for the UK's upcoming Air Support to Defence Operational Training programme.

WATCH: Typhoon jet fires Meteor missile for the first time

Watch the Meteor missile being successfully launched from a Eurofighter Typhoon for the first time.

French Super Étendard strike fighter retires

The Super Étendard has retired from French service. Their last operational deployment was in support of Opération Chammal against Islamic State.



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