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Unmanned Phantom flies final mission

The QF-4 Phantom flew its final unmanned mission in the skies above White Sands Missile Range at the end of last month.

Reaper unmanned aircraft pound Islamic State

A Reaper remotely piloted aircraft system supported Iraqi security forces advancing near Qayyarah.

WATCH: ScanEagle Launch and Recovery aboard a frigate

ScanEagle is a reconnaissance aircraft that can be launched from ships day or night to gather intelligence and survey the wider area of operations.

Typhoon jets strike Islamic State bunkers

Typhoon aircraft operating ten miles north of Mosul delivered a Paveway attack on a bunker and tunnel network, destroying their targets.

Simulation shows F-35B almost landing conventionally on new carriers

Uniquely for a vessel of this type, it will be common to see the jump-jet F-35B appear to land conventionally.

WATCH: How does the F-35B hover?

The F-35B Joint Strike Fighter has advanced the concept of Short Take Off and Vertical Landing, here's how it does it.

WATCH: British Army Apache helicopters in action over Libya

Gun camera footage from Apache attack helicopters show a strike on a military communications facility and troop concentration at Al-Watiya in western Libya.

F-35B tests increase combat capability

Three F-35B aircraft and 75 US Marines deployed to complete Operational Test missile shots of the AIM-120 Advanced Medium-Range Air-to-Air Missile.

UK hands over responsibility for Baltic skies to Germany

A ceremony has taken place at Amari Air Base in Estonia, as the RAF passes on responsibility for the policing of Baltic airspace to the German Air Force.

WATCH: What is Sea Venom?

Sea Venom is an Anglo-French lightweight anti-ship missile developed by MBDA to equip the Royal Navy and the French Navy.



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