Who are Hamas? – Modern Terrorism Series Part 3

That some of the Muslim Brotherhood members in Palestine had rebranded themselves as Hamas was first revealed in some pamphlets in 1987.

Reports that Spain to receive shipbuilding work to silence Gibraltar claims

It has been reported the Fleet Solid Support Ships could go to Spain to silence Gibraltar claims.
Picture of the front door of 10 Downing Street

Overview of the 2015 General Election Defence Manifestos

In this article we will attempt to provide an unbiased overview of the key elements of each of the main political parties Defence manifestos....

The Anglo-Omani relationship, an example of Global Britain foreign policy

The recent announcement that the United Kingdom will increase its defence engagement with the Sultanate of Oman reinforces a historic strategic alliance between the two states, highlighting a relationship dating back to the 18th century.

Report warns Russia would be able to ‘overrun vulnerable areas of NATO territory’

The Human Security Centre (HSC) has published a report 'Fire and Ice – A New Maritime Strategy for NATO’s Northern Flank', discussing the challenge posed by Russia, and the options NATO has for countering it.

The rise of China’s ‘blue water’ navy: Will the Pacific turn Red?

The rise of China as a maritime power was further enhanced by the news that China’s first domestically built aircraft carrier will be transferred from the dry dock of the Dalian shipyard, and will soon undergo trials and be fitted with systems to make her fully operational.

UK ranked top in measurement of diplomatic and cultural clout

A report measuring economic, diplomatic and cultural clout has named the United Kingdom as the worlds top soft power.

British Army to develop EMP capability as part of on-going development

Major General Chris Tickell has discussed the future of electromagnetic pulse warfare in the British Army.

What does the secretive 77th Brigade do?

The 77th Brigade is responsible for what is described as non-lethal warfare. Both the Israeli and US army already engage heavily in these kind of operations.

Technical, tactical and political: Developments in defence logistics for 2018

With ever-evolving equipment, budgets and geo-political landscapes, military organisations are having to constantly stay on top of technical, tactical and political developments happening in the defence sector.



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