A Short Analysis: What does the Private Security Sector have to offer the...

It has been a hot topic for some time, and all the arrows point towards an increase in government security outsourcing within the not so distant future, with a critical consideration being the use of Private Security Companies within defence structures.

Peace and the Royal Navy

When World War II ended in August 1945, six years of bitter conflicted had honed the Royal Navy to a high peak in terms of training, equipment, operational efficiency and combat effectiveness. This article was submitted to the UK Defence Journal by renowned defence analyst Richard Beedall.

The UK in the Far East – The Relevance of the British Forces in...

Britain's foothold in the Far East plays an important role for British interests in the region amidst growing tensions over the South China Sea.

Why does HMS Queen Elizabeth have two islands?

HMS Queen Elizabeth and her sister ship are attracting a lot of attention and one of the most common questions is, why does she have two islands?

The Military of China 2020+

In 2017 China announced an increase of 7% to its defence budget positioning it again at second place in the world’s top defence spending.

The future of the UK Defence Journal

After collecting some feedback from our readers and other defence commentators, we've decided to make some changes.

Outrage in Scotland over contracts for ships that can’t be built on the Clyde,...

If you've been on social media recently you can't have failed to notice the volume of outrage over the announcement that the news that the Solid Support Ship contracts are being tendered internationally and not being awarded to BAE on the Clyde.

Hard Power, Soft Power: Sustaining British influence in a changing global environment

With Brexit on the horizon, growing Chinese influence and a resurgent Russia, this article aims to outline why an increase in defence spending is critical to the UK’s interests.

Why Britain needs aircraft carriers

Aircraft carriers have since replaced the battleship as the capital ships of the modern navy but with the advent of anti-ship missiles and ever more advanced submarines, what is the future of the aircraft carrier and why does Britain need them?

Four Key Questions About an ‘Arab NATO’

In July, U.S. President Donald Trump made waves in Brussels by suggesting that the U.S. might "do its own thing" if NATO Alliance members don't meet defence spending commitments.



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