Independence would destroy Scotland’s defence industry

Scotland would lose out on the billions of pounds of defence spending from the British government through independence, the British defence minister and industry...

Is the UK legally obliged to defend South Korea?

The UK has made a strong – but not automatic – commitment to take part in 'resisting renewed aggression' in defence of South Korea.

Global Britain, Defence and Gibraltar

Since the Brexit vote in 2016 Theresa May’s Conservative Government have sought to push forward the ‘Global Britain’ policy campaign. However, as the Foreign Affairs Select Committee recently highlighted, there has thus far been little change in policy output to reflect this pan-government policy.

Disinformation is a weapon we should be aware of – not fall for

There has been quite a bit of coverage of defence issues in the media recently, ranging from the US/UK/France missile strikes on Syria via the Israeli-Iranian exchange of fire over the Golan Heights to the appearance of new and innovative military equipment at Russia’s annual May Day parade in Moscow.

Why does HMS Queen Elizabeth have two islands?

HMS Queen Elizabeth and her sister ship are attracting a lot of attention and one of the most common questions is, why does she...

The E-7 Wedgetail, should this aircraft replace the Sentry?

The E-7A Wedgetail provides one of the most advanced air battlespace management capabilities in the world and the Royal Air Force are rumoured to be interested in it to replace their E-3D Sentry aircraft.

Who you should be following in the UK defence community

This list is intended to highlight people we believe are worth following to get a wider and informed perspective on UK defence matters.

Putin Is Thirsty – the Troubling Problem of Kaliningrad

Kaliningrad may be the focal point for a dangerous economic and military conflict between Russia and NATO.

HMS Queen Elizabeth doesn’t run on Windows XP

Numerous media reports have claimed HMS Queen Elizabeth is vulnerable to cyber attack because she uses Windows XP, that is not the case.

Breathing new life into older equipment – how to extend the service life of...

Here, Rodney Lee, Senior Product Manager, Aerospace & Defence Business Unit, IFS, explains the intricacies involved in extending an asset’s lifecycle and how organisations can keep life extension projects on schedule, within budget and meeting strict safety requirements.



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