A look at British ships in the Brazilian fleet

The sale of HMS Ocean to Brazil's navy was one more British hull going to serve under the Brazilian flag, joining her sisters that are already part of that naval force.

NATO needs a new Maritime Strategy for its Northern Flank

NATO's naval power offers much potential to deter and – if necessary – help combat Russia.

China and the next Space Race

In 2003, China sent its first astronauts into orbit around the earth. The space race is on again.

Britain’s stealthy hunter-killer submarine – The Astute class

The Astute class are the largest, most advanced and most powerful attack submarines ever operated by the Royal Navy.

UK failing to ‘match ambition with capabilities and funding’ in defence say MPs

A report by the Joint Committee on the National Security Strategy (JCNSS), titled 'National Security Capability Review: A changing security environment' has said an "honest conversation" on increasing defence spending was needed if the Government is to match its stated ambitions.

The state of the Army – a post Land Warfare Conference assessment

The RUSI Land Warfare Conference 2018, held earlier last week, opened my eyes as to the array of problems across defence.

Britain and nuclear weapons – The Second World War to the 21st century

The UK was the third nation to develop nuclear weapons.

Putin Is Thirsty – the Troubling Problem of Kaliningrad

Kaliningrad may be the focal point for a dangerous economic and military conflict between Russia and NATO.

A guide to the Queen Elizabeth class aircraft carriers

The origins of the Queen Elizabeth class aircraft carriers lie in the 1998 Defence Review.

Fact Check – Liberal Democrats manifesto wrong on submarine patrols

The Liberal Democrats manifesto has made an incorrect point regarding the patrolling patterns of Trident carrying submarines.



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