Defence and Security after the 2015 General Election

With the general election results through the future of Defence, Security and Foreign Affairs is now much clearer, especially with a single party majority....

Cyber war is real war

"Cyber war is not virtual war, it is real warfare capable of producing results previously only attainable through the use of strategic bombing", argues Rebecca Campbell in this submission to the UK Defence Journal.

Britain in Canada – The British Army Training Unit Suffield (BATUS)

Since the 1970s, Britain has been using the Canadian Prairies as its largest training area.

No, Trident doesn’t run on Windows XP

Some have claimed that the Vanguard class submarines which carry Trident are vulnerable to cyber-attacks in the same way the recently hit NHS is, that is not the case.

How the British military assisted with the COVID-19 response in Scotland

Scottish health boards and the Scottish Government made use of British military assistance in the form of patient transfers by air, PPE fitting and testing, delivery of additional hospital beds and "planning assistance to the Scottish Government".

Guidance relating to possible coronavirus (COVID-19) infection

NHS advice is being published in the UK Defence Journal to make sure as many people as possible see the guidance.

Tensions in the Asia-Pacific: by choice or design?

There is deep concern that tensions in the South China sea will erupt into a conflict with more aggressive posturing by both the United States, Japan and China, accompanied by the deteriorating situation in North Korea which could erupt into a catastrophic conflict at any time.

Independent Scotland could have its defence ‘scot-free’ say experts

The latest paper on how an independent Scotland might arrange its defence forces by Stuart Crawford and Richard Marsh suggests that Scotland might get its defence at zero net cost overall.

Potential MoD cuts places British role as a Global Power in doubt

There are planned defence cuts which may see the British Army shrink even further from the 82,000 regular personnel it currently has.

Continuing growth expected in global defence market say analysts

As 2018 turned to 2019, growth in the global defense environment moderated slightly, according to a new white paper from Forecast International.



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