A strategic review of Japan’s military

Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has recently been announcing that Japan will be reviewing its pacifist constitution that restricts its military.

Queen Elizabeth class carriers branded a ‘vanity project’, here’s why they’re not

A letter submitted to The Herald is being wildly shared as evidence that the new aircraft carriers are nothing more than a 'vanity project', but does the letter have any truth to it?

Ascension Island and Britain’s presence in the South Atlantic

Ascension has a long military history under the Union Flag, being crucial for many military operations since the nineteenth century, including the Royal Navy’s campaign against the slave trade and in the Falklands War.

Mail on Sunday incorrectly claims that F-35Bs will land on HMS Queen Elizabeth for...

What's the problem? The F-35B is not yet cleared to land on HMS Queen Elizabeth.

Exclusive look at HMS Clyde in the Falkland Islands

In an exclusive interview, the captain of HMS Clyde described the purpose the Royal Navy serves to the Falkland Islands.

Why an international ban on the AK47 wouldn’t work

There is a debate as to whether the banning of the AK47 would impact terrorist organisations and reduce the capability of insurgences?

A guide to the Queen Elizabeth class aircraft carriers

The origins of the Queen Elizabeth class aircraft carriers lie in the 1998 Defence Review.

Defence predictions 2019: Where physical meets digital – balancing opportunity and risk

Whether it’s through technology such as intelligent planning tools, digital twins, virtual and augmented reality, or combating threats in new domains, the dividing line between the cyber and the physical world is beginning to blur.

Dogs of War: How the RAF use paws on the ground

The RAF Regiment used to give out stickers that said 'Some of the best fighters in the RAF are on the ground'. Well the RAF Police went one further than this and proved that they don’t even have to be human.

How many ships are the Clyde shipyards expecting to build?

There's a lot of misunderstanding and myth circulating about how many ships the shipyards on the Clyde are expecting to build, but what's the truth?



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