NHS hit by UK-wide cyber-attacks

NHS services across England have been hit by a large-scale cyber-attack, reports are also coming in of attacks against other trusts around the UK.

NATO and Finland step up cyber defence cooperation

Citing a rapidly evolving cyber threat landscape, NATO and Finland stepped up their engagement with the signing of a Political Framework Arrangement on cyber defence cooperation.

Cyber security threat to UK increasing significantly

The Ministry of Defence saw spike in cyber security breaches last year, the government has confirmed.

United Kingdom announces major cyber investment

The UK is to invest up to £265m to boost the defence of cyber infrastructure, the Defence Secretary has announced.

MoD launch cyber defence test

The Ministry of Defence has created a cyber defence test designed to identify military personnel with an aptitude for cyber work. The Defence Cyber Aptitude...

Trident to be upgraded to protect against cyber attack

It is understood that the Trident missile system will be given increased protection from cyber-security threats.
cyber security

UK to invest £1.9 billion in cyber security over five years

The UK is to invest £1.9 billion over the next five years in cyber security, protecting the UK from cyber attack and developing our...
cyber security

Cyber security threat has now doubled

GCHQ has warned that the cyber sercurity threats against national security has doubled in just a year.

Hackers target Australian Navy submarine blueprints

There is no evidence they have been successful, but the companies are forced to hand-deliver the most sensitive information to ensure its safety.

Islamic State planning ‘mass casualty’ attacks in UK

The head of MI5 has warned that Islamic State are planning mass casualty attacks in Britain.



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