Spain to keep Gibraltar out of Brexit talks

Spanish Foreign Minister Alfonso Dastis has said Spain will not seek to regain sovereignty over Gibraltar in Brexit talks.

China, Russia complete first phase of joint naval exercises in the Baltic Sea

Chinese and Russian navies completed exercises in what they call the first stage of their ongoing joint exercise code-named 'Joint Sea 2017'.

US Special Forces train with Ukrainian counterparts

US special operations forces trained with Ukrainian special forces and US and Ukrainian naval forces during Sea Breeze 2017.

Switzerland to spend $115 million on F/A-18 upgrades

The US State Department has approved a package of upgrades for the Swiss F/A-18 fleet.

France now world’s foremost “soft power”, survey finds

A respected survey has indicated that France is now the world leader in 'soft power', overtaking the UK and US in global rankings.

Romania to purchase Patriot air defence systems in $3.9 billion deal

Romania is to buy Patriot air defence systems, related support and equipment from the United States.

Netherlands to spend $58.2 m on AN/AAR-57A(V)7 Common Missile Warning Systems

The US State Department has approved a purchase by the Netherlands for AN/AAR-57A(V)7 Common Missile Warning Systems.

NATO stresses strong support for Ukraine in face of ‘Russian occupation’

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg was on a two-day visit to Ukraine during which he reaffirmed the Alliance’s strong political and practical support for Ukraine.

American Cruiser and Destroyer arrive in Ukraine

American cruiser USS Hue City and destroyer USS Carney have arrived in Odessa, Ukraine.

Is Russia still a threat? NATO seems to think so

NATO is now fully committed in its role to providing an ‘enhance forward presence’ to deter any Russian aggression. As a result four battle groups have taken up strategic deployments in Poland, Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia.



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