Amphibious capability celebrates 40th anniversary

A unique capability partnership that began 40 years ago has been further recognised when engineers from the Bundeswehr 130 Pionerbataillon and elements from 75 Engineer Regiment formed a 250m amphibious crossing across the River Elbe at Artlenburg near Hamburg.

2nd Battalion The Royal Regiment of Scotland deploy to Iraq

Soldiers from the 2nd Battalion The Royal Regiment of Scotland have deployed to Iraq as part of Operation Shader.

British troops awarded UN medals for South Sudan peacekeeping mission

Over 100 British soldiers on a UN peacekeeping mission in South Sudan have been awarded their UN medals.

NATO launch course designed to prepare commanders ‘to counter marauding terrorist attacks’

With NATO support, a specialised course at the Ordnance School of the Irish Defence Forces teaches commanders how to end a terrorist attack with minimal casualties.

Royal Marines storm Greek airfield

Bravo Company, 40 Commando, deployed from HMS Ocean and stormed a Greek airfield.

UK extends peacekeeping efforts in South Sudan

The UK is extending the deployment of Royal Engineers to the UN Mission in South Sudan for an additional year, until April 2020.

MoD statistics show sustained drop in size of British Armed Forces

The British Armed Forces have seen a sustained drop in fully trained regular forces, with the British Army falling the furthest short of their strength target.

British and American Armies trial ‘hoverbike drones’ and robotic vehicles

US and British soldiers have been testing vehicles controlled by Xbox-style controller, driverless trucks in convoy and Hoverbike drones for delivering supplies.

Retired General warns the British Army is ’20 years out of date’

General Sir Richard Barrons has claimed that Britain's military is 'broken' and the British Army is '20 years out of date' at a Defence Select Committee meeting.

AJAX turret firing trials completes manned firing trial

The turret for the British Army's AJAX vehicle has successfully completed initial manned live firing trials. The milestone took place last month at a trial...



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