BAE selected by the US Army to develop Advanced precision guidance kits for artillery...

The US Army has awarded BAE Systems an $8 million contract to develop modernised precision-guidance kits.

Royal Welsh conduct training in Estonia

Soldiers from 1st Battalion The Royal Welsh are currently stationed in Estonia in support of the UK's commitment to NATO allies in Europe to ward against any potential acts of aggression.

BAE Systems detail new CV90 MkIV variant

Today at the International Armoured Vehicles Conference in London, BAE presented the next phase of development for the CV90 Infantry Fighting Vehicle.

BAE simulate weight of 121,000 double decker buses on new Modular Bridging System

BAE say they successfully demonstrated the safety and performance of their new Modular Bridging System.
Challenger 2 at Dusk

Russia could ‘initiate hostilities sooner than we expect’ warns General Nicholas Carter

General Carter said that Russia could 'initiate hostilities sooner than we expect' and warned of their information warfare capabilities.

Withdrawal of British troops from Germany ‘could be halted’ says head of the Army

The head of the Army has suggested that withdrawal from Germany could be halted so that troops can maintain quick access to Eastern Europe in the event of Russian hostilities.

New combat vehicles ‘must be effective in megacities’ says US commander (not Judge Dredd)

Gen. Robert Abrams says that the likelihood is high that the US and allies won't get to pick the time and place of its choosing for the next battle.

British and Indian armies undertake joint exercise

British and Indian troops joined forces for an exercise in order to 'enhance combat tactics' on both sides.

L85A3: The rifle that refuses to give up

The L85A3 was officially presented in the Defence Vehicle Dynamics exposition near Bedford in the UK in 2016 and shows no sign of going anywhere.

QinetiQ and MoD to invest £20m in Environmental Test Centre

QinetiQ and the Ministry of Defence are investing £20 million into MoD Shoeburyness to upgrade the Environmental Test Centre based at the range.



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