British laser weapon deal being finalised

The MoD have announced that a £30 million deal for a new British laser weapon system, for use on land and at sea, is...

The Venator-110, could this be Britain’s future light frigate?

BMT Defence Services offering to the Type 31 Frigate programme, the Venator-110, is emerging as the most serious contender, let's take a look.

IN PICTURES: HMS Daring visits Gibraltar

Pictures show HMS Daring and other naval vessels at Gibraltar.

British ships have rescued over 24,000 migrants

The Government have revealed that British vessels operating in the Mediterranean Sea have rescued over 24,000 migrants.

Government urged to begin frigate build on the Clyde

Julian Lewis urged the Government to begin the construction of the Type 26 Frigate fleet on the Clyde.

HMS Daring leaves Gibraltar to protect US aircraft carriers

The Type 45 Destroyer has now departed Gibraltar and is tasked with protecting American aircraft carriers.

Aircraft carrier workers strike at Rosyth

Hundreds of workers building the new supercarriers staged a 'wildcat strike' on Monday in Rosyth.

American nuclear powered attack submarine visits Faslane

A US Navy Virginia class attack submarine has visited Faslane today in a routine stop-off. The submarine, which we're told is likely to be the...

American MV-22 aircraft to operate from Queen Elizabeth carriers

The US Marines are likely to deploy MV-22 tiltrotor aircraft alongside their F-35s aboard Britains new Queen Elizabeth class carriers. It is understood that the...

HMS Tyne escorts two Russian vessels through Channel

Patrol ship HMS Tyne has escorted two Russian Ropucha class landing ships through the Channel.



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