British parliament votes to renew Trident

The British parliament have voted to renew the Trident weapons system, replacing the Vanguard class submarines that carry the UK's nuclear missiles.

Fishing trawler catches Portuguese submarine off Cornwall

A Portuguese submarine taking part in exercises off the coast of Cornwall became caught in the nets of a French trawler, the Royal Navy...

IN PICTURES: HMS Diamond being loaded with Sea Viper missiles

Images show Type 45 Destroyer HMS Diamond being loaded with Sea Viper missiles at HMNB Portsmouth.

RFA Cardigan Bay returns to Falmouth

A&P Group’s Falmouth Yard has welcomed RFA Cardigan Bay back into port after four years at sea.

Trident upgrades to include cyber attack protection

It is understood that the Trident missile system will be given increased protection from cyber-security threats.

Theresa May to write letters of last resort for Trident subs

The letters of last resort written by Theresa May will contain orders on what action to take in the event that an enemy nuclear strike has destroyed the United Kingdom.

First aircraft to fly from HMS Queen Elizabeth in Spring

Merlin helicopters will be the first aircraft to begin flying from HMS Queen Elizabeth, soon followed by Apache, Wildcat, Chinook and F-35.

HMS Albion nearing end of refit

HMS Albion has entered into the next phase of its refit with the external hull work now largely complete.

HMS Dragon returns to the fleet

HMS Dragon, a Type 45 destroyer, had been out of action for a year while undergoing a major refit and upgrade. She is now due for sea trials.

WATCH: HMS Daring demonstrates firepower

With a flash of fire and a thunderous roar, HMS Daring lit her 10th birthday candle in spectacular style with the test firing of a Sea Viper missile.



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